Ace attorney Investigation 2 fan translation (position opening)

Started by Auryn, August 23, 2012, 01:54:53 PM

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Guess they aren't interesting in pushing the AA + Prof. Layton crossover overseas either.
Man, what's with Capcom anyway?


@cj iwakura: shame on me. I read your post sure 10 times since you posted it but i always forgot to answer or had any problems answering like when from my mobile. Anyway, there is only text editing/insertion left and maybe some memory managements to correct for the game.
I don't know if you are interested in those things or if you have experience in NDS asm.
Drop me a PM if you are still interested and sorry for the late answer.

@All others: thanks for the support and I take the occasion to confirm the case 1 patch for Christmas.


they actually might make some aa games such as the crossover or aa5 since the 3ds shop is out and they hardly lose anything when using it. They would more likely make the crossover translation since level 5 is part of it and level 5 always publishes their games in the US.

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Quote from: mrichston on August 25, 2012, 04:37:35 AM

People who are interested in inserting should register in our CR forum
and I've alread made thread, which has instructions for inserting.

And PM me there, so I can give you tools.

Head of localisation comes from holidays at september, so we could wait that
for people, who are interested in localisation.
Looks like things are still proceeding there.

Part of the reason I'm a little disinclined to get involved – much as I'd like to be a part of seeing this reach completion – is that I still haven't gotten around to playing the first one, and want to avoid spoilers...
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if you need any further assistance on this, just ping me.

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Do you need any help editing the text? I can parse it for errors and rectify any I should find. I will bring your localization to professional syntax and eliminate colloquialisms that may imbue an informal atmosphere and diminish respect from people who would get hung up about small details. Anyway, I'm available to help out if you still need it.