Gokinjo Boukentai Fan Translation (Neighborhood Translation Squad)

Started by Celeste, August 14, 2018, 07:07:33 PM

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Hey everyone, I am Celeste and I am a American High schooler who is taking over my first translation project, but do not worry about that, because we have a couple experienced translators and programmers, including Gideon Zhi who was gracious enough to rip the script for us, but I do not want to overwhelm them with all of this work, so I am looking for some more help. Translation and editing help mostly, since we won't need to insert text for a little while now. I would also appreciate someone to create a new title screen. Also, yes, I am taking this project over from Matatabi

First let me inform you on the game. Released on May 24th, 1996, Gokinjo Boukentai is a game that follows the adventures of a kindergartner named Mana who goes on a mission from God and meets many friends, and enemies on the way. Gokinjo Boukentai is often attributed to being similar to a Mother game, Young Kids being in Strange Situations. The game sports  a lot of Japanese anime stereotypes and an interesting battle system. The game was released by Pioneer LDC. The story was written by Yosuke Kuroda, who is a rather prolific anime screenwriter whose writing credentials include works like Excel Saga, Gundam 00 and the Please Teacher/Please Twins series (among many others). The character design is done by the manga artist Sudo Masumi, who has a cute, comical art style. The team working on the game was the same team that produced the game Bounty Sword.

Some Great Things about it are
+ A free-form stat-building system where you take classes to raise stats and build your character however you want.
+ A branching storyline, with certain episodes only unlocking if certain stat conditions are met by certain points of the game.
+ A new game+ function that shows you which episodes you've seen and which you have left to see, for those interested in 100% completion.
+ A world that opens up as you raise your stats. Certain stats will unlock new ways to interact with the world around you. For example: early in the game you are unable to use computers, but raising certain stats high enough will allow you to access computers for valuable information.
+ A jazzy, catchy, upbeat soundtrack. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWni8c1X2Ms <Sample: Normal battle theme)
and much more!

Like I said above, all I need are a few more translators/editors and a person to help edit some graphics, but that isn't the highest priority right now, so it's fine if you're busy at the moment. We have already been editing the script for a little while, but there is still quite a bit more to go.

We have a discord that you can join if you are interested in the project but can't help, and separate work channels for when we do actual work. Message me if you want the code.

If you want to help you can either reply to this post or message me, we would really appreciate your help so we can actually get this game done and ready for everyone to play!

We would also appreciate some help with the proofreading and graphics like the title screen. Anything would be appreciated

Our translators are tired and we need more help please

Around 50% Complete!


I have recently come across this game and I'm blown away by both its cuteness and quirkyness. I'm currently on my first playthrough, and loving every minute.

I'd be happy to contribute as a translator as well as a proofreader. How can I help?


This looks incredibly cute and fun. I can't provide any help but I'll cheer on you as a fan eagerly waiting to play this overlooked gem!