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Sega System-16 hacking

Started by tryphon, December 24, 2014, 01:28:07 PM

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Do you know where I can find ressources about System-16 arcade system ?

I'd like to have at least informations about graphics specifications (tile size, color depth, palettes).

Are there emulators with debug features ?


By and large if it is not a well known home system, nocash/no$/Martin Korth has not written an emulator for it and definitely if it is arcade hardware then you will probably end up looking at MAME/MESS source code. Fortunately part of the project seems to be actually documenting the hardware so there is that too. and being the main overviews, sound cores and more besides might be documented separately (especially if they are z80 and YM2151 based). Edit. A search gave me if you did want sound.

In your case is also pretty good, by and large it looks like system 16/system 16a and the later mod known as system 16b tend to get merged together for a lot of emulation/hardware discussion purposes.

No clue on the state of a debugger, though MAME/MESS would be where it is most likely at, it is not super obscure or anything either so chances are any might do well.


Thanks for the answer (and for making it understandable :) )

I'm primarly focused on graphisms and would have liked to know the name and how to program the VDP of the board.

I've given an eye to the ressources you listed, it seems MAME sources will be the most likely to give answers, but it's not nic to read...