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Command-line IPS generator for Windows?

Started by Myria, January 04, 2015, 06:05:37 PM

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Is there a command-line .ips patch generator like there is for .xdelta?  I like building my projects as makefiles or batch scripts, and would like to build the patch file as one of the steps automatically instead of involving manual clicking.


Not on 64-bit Windows (nor do any of the other command-line IPS tools on the site as far as I'm aware, as they're all ancient DOS programs).

FAST6191 not an option?

I had a poke around the source code last night, though that was more for the UI/general overview than vetting the IPS implementation.


flips would have to be modified not to annoyingly wait for a keypress any time it's run from the command line in order to really be suitable for use in build scripts, though that's a pretty trivial change as long as you have the means to build it from source.

(I guess you could also just pipe echo/yes/whatever else to it from your script/makefile but that seems kinda silly)



This one runs perfectly fine on my Windows 8 64-bit machine.

Altough the description of the old DOS version says it is a patching utility, it is actually able to create IPS patches.