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Repro Boxart Collection

Started by TRIFORCE89, December 20, 2014, 04:49:37 PM

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Not really ROM hacking, so not sure if entirely appropriate.

I was wondering if anyone had scans of boxart from TimeWalk Games (or anyone else who does nice boxart work, like Bishop Bros.? Although I've only seen cartridges from them, not boxart).

Reason being I'd like to use the alternative boxart and boxart for unreleased games, translation projects, rom hacks, and such in my OpenEmu library. Therefore, I'm not asking for anything high-res as the end result will be thumbnails anyway and I don't mean to infringe on the works of those boxart creators.

If you could provide me with any images I could use in OpenEmu, that'd be much appreciated. Thanks


The Cover Project comes to mind but I don't know if they do hacks or just covers (some custom) for licensed games.