Generation III style HM usage in Generation I? (Pokémon on GameBoy)

Started by Winsane, December 07, 2014, 07:44:34 AM

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First let me introduce myself a bit. I run the twitch channel RNGPlaysPokémon (, it's a 24/7 stream that lets a random number generator play Pokémon games. The stream has been live for about 10 months now and has completed Crystal and Emerald. We are currently doing FireRed vs. LeafGreen, and we're almost done with this round.

Next we want to do Pokémon Yellow and are now planning things for that game. One issue that we realized was that it is going to be way too unlikely for RNG to use HMs like cut, surf and strength and we are trying to think of a solution to this.

I had the idea that maybe it is possible via rom hacking to make HM usage work in the same way it does in generation III, where you just have to face the correct tile and press A to use the HM. If someone could help us create a hack like this or point us in the right direction, or even tell me if such a thing is even possible, that would be awesome.

TL;DR: Is it possible to make a hack to make HMs work like in generation III?