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orientation question ?

Started by rompelstilchen, December 06, 2014, 12:16:22 PM

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I want to make/hack games on SNES, and I dont know where to start

for instance, is there a Zelda link to the past code somewhere ? that I could compile and test/modify/debug in an emulator



Making and hacking SNES games probably means assembly on both counts -- there are some C compilers for the SNES but assuming they have not changed in the last 8 months (doubtful as they had not really changed before that) then most would not suggest them unless you want to be limited to making something about as complex as pong or tetris. I do not know what goes as far as having assembly "libraries" you can use to dodge having to do all the IO associated with assembly, I doubt there really are any though. has a number of assembly documents.

However such documents tend to be a bit dry if you are coming in cold so asking for a commented disassembly of a game is a good bet, Zelda LTTP does not have as much as some games but being a popular Nintendo franchise/game it is almost invariably going to have something. has some stuff, including a nicely worked up version of what various parts of RAM, ROM and more do.
Very few games ever get disassembled versions you can assemble into working form again (it may just have gone beyond fingers of one hand at this point) so you will be having to learn how to add things onto existing games, however that is how everybody works with basically every game and console that is not interpreted so you would have had to learn that anyway.


yeah, fine with assembler, why not...
I'll check these links

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found this :