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FF6 Beyond Chaos randomizer

Started by abyssonym, November 17, 2014, 12:29:00 AM

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Beyond Chaos is a randomizer for Final Fantasy 6, not to be confused with the FF6 Randomizer! Here's some images.

As you can see, the things the randomizer can do are a little... chaotic. You are free to select different randomization features depending on your tastes. The randomizer also works a bit like a difficulty hack in that every feature you use will increase the difficulty slightly. There is a great variety of things that are randomized, including but not limited to enemies, battle commands, and even the layout of the final dungeon! To see the final dungeon and other features in action, click here.

You can download the randomizer at You can choose to run it using Python 2.6 or 2.7, or using the the windows executable. There's also a video tutorial for installing the Python version of the randomizer.

Beyond Chaos has been in development for several months, but only recently has it reached a state of completion. The project is in "feature freeze" for the time being and I'll only focus on fixing bugs and egregious balance issues. The latest version is "46".


Oooooh, I was wondering when I would see this here. :woot!: - Randomize your FF6 experience!


Quick (but significant) update.

I know some people are reluctant to install Python just to accommodate my randomizer, so I tried packaging it as a Windows executable. It should run without needing to install Python, and works for me. Please let me know if this solution works or does not work for you!

I also took this opportunity to fix various minor but annoying bugs, bringing the latest version to 26.

EDIT: Updated again to 27. There was an error that caused the final boss to have 0 HP. Other than that, there are very few differences between 26 and 27, and you should be able to use the same seed to generate a mostly-the-same romfile.


Not sure if I'm having an issue or not, but the roms I toss at it that I know are clean are saying that the checksum isn't ok. I'm going to assume it'll work just fine, but just in case, can I get a confirmation of the hashes please? :) - Randomize your FF6 experience!


Sure thing. The MD5 hash is: e986575b98300f721ce27c180264d890
You can see it in the main module actually. The rom should be the unheadered 1.0 US version.

EDIT: You probably want the CRC32 sum, actually...

Grimoire LD

Wow, this looks crazy! Haha, this looks like it would be worth a bit of experimentation with.


There have been a few major revisions since I last checked in here, and I'm happy to say that Beyond Chaos is on the whole, much more balanced, bug-free, and user-friendly. I've cut together some clips that show off some of my favorite moments from my own playthroughs (mostly monster encounters):

I've also updated the project README with lots of frequently asked questions and some formal objectives for the project.

FF6 Beyond Chaos Randomizer
Version:    46
Date:       February 23, 2015

Running the randomizer:
    Windows users may use the executable file, "beyondchaos.exe". Other users, please run "" using Python version 2.7

Source rom file:
    The randomizer will ask for a rom file. Beyond Chaos does not provide this rom. Put the file in the same directory as Beyond Chaos and simply input the file name. The rom used should be the FF3 US 1.0 rom. Both unheadered and headered roms will work. If you use an incorrect or modified rom, the randomizer will warn you before continuing. To be sure, you can check that your rom is correct by comparing the unheadered checksum/hash:
    MD5 - e986575b98300f721ce27c180264d890
    CRC32 - a27f1c7a

Seed value:
    Next, the randomizer will ask for a seed value. If you don't know which seed you want, just leave this blank and the randomizer will choose one for you. The seed value is an integer number that can be used to share the same randomization with other people. It's like a signature for the game that Beyond Chaos creates. If you want to play the game along with a friend, you can use the same seed.

    Finally, the randomizer will ask for a list of flags. If you don't know which flags you want, just leave this blank and the randomizer will give you the standard setting: all flags. If you would like to customize your experience, here is a list of flags and what they do:
    Program Flags:
        v   Display each character's battle commands after randomization.
    Randomizer Flags:
        o   Shuffle characters' in-battle commands.
        w   Generate new commands for characters, replacing old commands.
        z   Always have "Sprint Shoes" effect.
        b   Make the game more balanced by removing exploits such as Joker Doom,
                Vanish/Doom, and the Evade/Mblock bug.
        m   Randomize enemy stats.
        c   Randomize palettes and names of various things.
        i   Randomize the stats of equippable items.
        q   Randomize what equipment each character can wear and character stats.
        e   Randomize esper spells and levelup bonuses.
        t   Randomize treasure, including chests, colosseum, shops, and enemy drops.
        u   Umaro risk. (Random character will be berserk)
        l   Randomize blitz inputs.
        n   Randomize window background colors.
        f   Randomize enemy formations.
        s   Swap character graphics around.
        p   Randomize the palettes of spells and weapon animations.
        d   Randomize final dungeon.
        a   Organize rages alphabetically (default)
        h   Organize rages by highest level first

Output rom file:
    The randomizer generates two files, a patched rom file, and a mini-FAQ. Both files will have the seed value in their name. To play the game, load the patched rom file in your emulator. The mini-FAQ is a text file that mainly includes information about where to get items; colosseum rewards, monster steals and drops, shop info, and monster rages are all included.

--- OVERVIEW ---

    Beyond Chaos is a randomizer, a program that remixes game content randomly, for FF6. Every time you run Beyond Chaos, it will generate a completely unique, brand-new mod of FF6 for you to challenge and explore. There are over 10 billion different possible randomizations! Nearly everything is randomized, including treasure, enemies, colors, graphics, character abilities, and more.
    Beyond Chaos is also customizable. Using the flags in the above section, you can choose to only randomize certain parts of the game. Every flag you select will make the game a little more random, and also a little more difficult. Therefore, even experienced players should be able to find some challenge in the resulting game. As the game progresses, enemies may become more and more difficult, so that it becomes necessary to develop specialized strategies for individual formations.
    Because of the extent and the severity of the modifications made by Beyond Chaos, it is not recommended for competitive play. It is mainly intended for casual play, though if you would like to play it competitively anyway, go for it. Also note that there is another FF6 randomizer intended for races, made by Dessyreqt and Lenophis, that makes more conservative changes. That one is simply called "FF6 Randomizer", or "FF6 Rando Classic Original Flavor".


1. To remix game content so thoroughly that even veteran FF6 fans can feel as though they are playing the game for the first time all over again.
2. To create a challenging and festive result that encourages memorable scenarios, without making the game impossible for a casual player to complete.
3. To create a tool that is useful to the FF6 rom hacking community by being both open source and accessible, and by showing off a wide variety of potential mods.

Q: I lost my seed number but I still have the rom. Can I find my seed number again?
A: If you didn't rename your rom file, the seed will be in the file name. Otherwise, the seed is written in the rom in the title section of the SNES header. Some emulators, like Snes9x, will display the title of the game when you load it, so you can see the seed value by looking at the title displayed by Snes9x. The address of this title in the rom is at 0xFFC0.

Q: I'm at Vargas but I don't have Blitz. How do I beat him?
A: You can defeat him normally without Blitz. His HP was lowered to make him beatable without much (if any) grinding.

Q: How do I defeat TunnelArmr without Runic?
A: Just kill it.

Q: How do I defeat Ultros at the Esper's hideout without Sketch?
A: Just kill it.

Q: The Moogle Charm doesn't work.
A: It was nerfed. FF6 uses a threat level based random encounter system, and Moogle Charm increases threat level by the lowest possible value without removing encounters altogether. The specifics are a bit complex, but you should think of it as having about a 1/256 encounter rate if you've been wearing it for a while. Also, some later dungeons might randomly ignore Moogle Charm altogether.

Q: I'm in a dungeon and the encounter rate is insanely high.
A: Some later dungeons have a chance to become high encounter rate dungeons. However, these dungeons are twice as vulnerable to the effects of Charm Bangle and Moogle Charm.

Q: The switches in the final dungeon don't seem to be working.
A: They work, I assure you... it seems like the game is just a bit buggy when a group it doesn't expect stands on the switch. Usually you can get it to work by cycling through every party while standing on the switch. In the worse case scenario (you rarely need to do this) have all other parties leave the room, then stand on the switch.

Q: I walked off of a map in the final dungeon and now I'm stuck out of bounds. Help!
A: Looks like you're screwed. Use a Warpstone or the spell Warp to leave the dungeon, or, if you don't have access to Warp, have another party walk back to the dungeon entrance and use the hook to return to the airship.

Q: The Fanatics Tower is really long. What gives?
A: I've made some changes to the Tower, with the intent to make it the most frustrating, obnoxious dungeon possible. If you're stuck, here are some hints in ROT13 format. Decode them if you're having trouble.
    Hint #1:  Vg'f zber qvssvphyg tbvat hc guna pbzvat qbja.
    Hint #2:  Qba'g trg qvfgenpgrq. Fgnl sbphfrq ba lbhe tbny, naq riraghnyyl lbh jvyy ernpu vg.
    Solution: Fbzr gernfher ebbzf ner gencf gung qebc lbh gb n ybjre yriry bs gur gbjre. Nibvq gur gernfher ebbzf naq lbh jba'g trg fghpx.

Q: The old man in Narshe won't give me the Ragnarok esper. Is this a bug?
A: It's not a bug. Ragnarok (esper) is at a different location. Location: Gur obff ng gur gbc bs Snangvpf Gbjre unf vg.

Q: I heard that there's a secret item. How do I get it?
A: Va gur svany qhatrba, gurer'f n fznyy vagrevbe ebbz jvgu n qbbe cnfg n pbairlbe oryg gung vf vanpprffvoyr. Gb ernpu gur qbbe, lbh zhfg hfr na rkcybvg gung vf abeznyyl hfrq gb fxvc Cbygetrvfg va inavyyn SS6. Ybbx hc gur Cbygetrvfg fxvc gb svaq bhg ubj gb qb gur gevpx.

Q: I heard that there are secret codes. What are they?
A: I'll give you the codes, but be aware that these are codes that were used during development for testing the randomizer. I make no guarantees about their playability, and it's recommended that you play through the randomizer without codes at least once before you use them. Here they are, as always, in ROT13:

Q: What level should I be for the final dungeon?
A: It really depends on your gear and what builds you have access to. I usually end up going there around level 35-40, but it doesn't hurt to have a few absurdly high level characters to tank hits.

Q: Yo this is really hard.
A: Yeah I guess so. I was pretty careful to make sure it was always beatable, though. Obviously the difficulty depends on your specific randomization though, so if you're having trouble, don't feel bad about using savestates or anything. I tried to design the randomizer in such a way that savestates aren't necessary, but I can't account for everything. If you encounter anything that is absolutely absurd in difficulty, please let me know so I can try to adjust the balance for future versions. Also, save often! You never know when you'll randomly encounter a boss on the overworld or in a chest.

Q: I encountered <boss> as a random encounter/monster in a box! Is this a bug?
A: No.

Q: I can't choose my party for the final battle. Is this a bug?
A: No.

Q: When my character uses X ability, he attacks the enemy and then attacks his own party for low damage! Is this a bug?
A: Yes! I don't know how to fix it, but it's a bit interesting in its own right, so I've been ignoring it for now.

Q: It says my character can use Blitz/Lore/etc. in their skills menu, but they don't actually know it.
A: This is a side effect of replacing the old commands. I'm not sure how to fix it, but it doesn't really affect the game so I haven't really looked into it.

Q: I used Control on an enemy and ordered him to use a skill on his own party, but he attacked me instead!
A: Some skills are just like that. They're flagged to never be used on your own party.

Q: The final boss is impossible! How do I win?
A: Gur orfg cerpnhgvba lbh pna gnxr vf univat rabhtu UC gb fheivir Zrgrbe (hfhnyyl nobhg 5000) naq vaihyarenovyvgl gb znal fgnghf rssrpgf, rfcrpvnyyl Fvyrapr. Xrsxn jba'g pbhagre juvyr ur'f pnfgvat Tbare naq gur fperra vf funxvat, fb guvf vf gur orfg gvzr gb fgevxr.

Q: The boss of the Fanatics Tower is impossible! How do I win without Life 3?
A: Gur pynffvp fgengrtl bs Enfcvat uvz gb qrngu fgvyy jbexf, naq ur vf bsgra ihyarenoyr gb Ofrex. Hfvat Cnyvqbe gb ynaq gur svany uvg pna jbex, ohg or jnel gung ur zvtug fgneg gur onggyr jvgu vaangr Yvsr 3. Nyfb, vs lbh unir n Trz Obk be fvzvyne vgrz, vg zvtug nyybj lbh gb hfr na novyvgl va gur gbjre gung lbh abeznyyl pna'g hfr... Hygvzn pna or Ehavpxrq, sbe rknzcyr.

Q: Dude I've got like six cursed shields.
A: Fun fact, if you equip cursed shields on multiple party members, you can uncurse one of them 2x or 3x or 4x as quickly.

Q: Why can't Gogo select X ability?
A: It's probably there. You just have to scroll past the edge of the menu. Unless it's an ability Shadow had and you let him die, in which case, it won't be there.

Q: When I use Rage the game glitches out.
A: Is your Rager equipped with the AtmaWeapon? I've noticed some buggy effects from using enemy specials while equipped with the AtmaWeapon, and it even crashed my game once.

Q: I just got a Game Over, but I didn't get to keep my experience levels.
A: This feature was removed because it didn't work properly with one of the new esper boosts. I also wasn't very fond of it to begin with, because I would often get a Game Over and forget to reset so I don't miss out on valuable esper levels.

Q: Can you add X to the mini-guide that gets generated?
A: Let me know. I'm not sure what kinds of things people want in the mini-FAQ.

Q: Can you add X feature?
A: Maybe. I'm open to suggestions, but things that require a lot of effort probably won't get made.

Q: Can I add X feature?
A: Possibly! Even if I don't think it's a good idea for the standard settings, it could be a secret code. Send me a pull request to the project's Github.

Q: Does Beyond Chaos work with X mod?
A: Maybe, maybe not. I haven't tested Beyond Chaos with anyone else's mods. If it's an elaborate, full-game mod than the answer is no. Some small mods might be compatible, since Beyond Chaos doesn't do rom expansion or anything like that... but it uses up a lot of commonly used free space, so conflicts are likely.

Q: Does Beyond Chaos work on a real Super Nintendo?
A: Absolutely! Beyond Chaos has been tested on both Super Everdrive and SD2SNES, and it works 100% perfectly.

Q: I found a bug!
A: Send me a tweet, or a message on Twitch, or post it in one of the Beyond Chaos threads on various forums. I'll check it out.

    ffmasterfoobar - Twitch broadcaster who did a lot of playtesting for my entertainment, check out his channel
    Tenkarider - Romhacker who gave me lots of feedback, and creator of the Ultimate Czar Dragon hack, FF6 Curse of the Gods, and many other challenges

Grimoire LD

A great project just gets even better! My only complaint with the earlier versions was it seemed too many character had R. Esper as a command. Though that may have still just been randomization.

I'll have to start from scratch again, but it looks even more chaotic now!


I didn't know previous versions of this existed. I was looking for something to play, so... done deal!

I'm through Narshe (first time, I mean).
Quick question, sice I'm not there yet... if a character can't use magic, can s/he still equip espers?

I had some pretty wacky moogles helping... erm, Umaro... save... Celes in Narshe. One of them had a cursed shield equipped, and in the same party, one had a relic ring, and one had the SunBath ability. So, Cursed Shield Moogle starts off by whacking the crap out of his buddies... SunBath moogle tried to heal everyone, but of course ended up killing Relic Ring moogle... So, that party was pretty much useless. Fortunately the party with Umaro in it had a Genji Glove/Offering/Scimitar moogle, so that party made quick work of all the baddies.

Anyway, having fun so far!
Ongoing project: "Final Fantasy IV: A Threat From Within"

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Glad you like it so far! Yeah, characters without the Magic command can still equip Espers for the stat boosts... they can even learn spells, but that's only useful if you plan on taking them into the Fanatics Tower where everyone can use magic.


I meant to ask - is the beginner's room disabled on purpose? Doesn't really matter, I don't imagine anyone using Beyond Chaos is a beginner, but I was looking forward to a couple of extra random treasure chests. Also, if it is purposely disabled, shouldn't it be just as easy to disable the guy who stands there to announce its existence?
Ongoing project: "Final Fantasy IV: A Threat From Within"

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Yep, I ripped out those maps to create more room for the expanded final dungeon. I've been avoiding doing anything to change dialogue for Beyond Chaos, so I don't have an easy way to change what that guy says. So I thought maybe the scene would work like that, as a joke on the player. But I guess it's a bit obtuse and just comes across as a bug.

Maybe I'll keep his dialogue the same, and just make him stand there, as you suggested. Although he'll still disappear from the map in the WoR, can't do anything about that.


I was thinking just make him not be there at all.
I've never hacked ffvi, but I have a lot of experience with iv, and if it works at all the same, then the NPC should have a visibility bit that you can just stop from ever clicking on, right?

February 26, 2015, 03:58:04 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Any idea why we were chasing Sabin through Mt Koltz instead of black-palette Vargas?

Also, a request/suggestion about thee auto-generated mini-FAQ: would it be possible to have it list whose sprites will be used by whom?
The first play through, I don't really care. But for potential future go-rounds, I might want to keep rolling the dice till I get a ROM with, say, Edgar looking like Strago and Terra looking like Relm just for the chuckle of seeing Strago ask Relm if he is her "type."
Ongoing project: "Final Fantasy IV: A Threat From Within"

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Normally it's a black-palette Sabin, but I guess based on dialogue it should be Vargas. I'd have to write special code to make the palette black for those sprites specifically, so I don't know if I'll ever do that.

Adding the sprites in the mini-FAQ is a good idea, even if only so people can reference it if they get lost in the story. I'll look into putting that in future versions.


Huh... I never knew it was Sabin. I just figured - because of the dialogue - that it was Vargas.

I mean, whatever, as previously discussed, this won't be a thing used by first-time ffvi players anyway, so it doesn't really matter.
Ongoing project: "Final Fantasy IV: A Threat From Within"

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Oh, naturally. I think it'll be harder for veteran players to keep track of who's who with the graphics swapped around.

Kiyoshi Aman

I'm not sure I like the inclusion of Spiraler in the R-Party results pool; if you're unlucky, you lose a character before you ever have the opportunity to get Phoenix Down or Raise or Araise. There also seems to be some balance issues, for instance I just had a TPK just south of Narche due to Tek Laser (WOB, after Lock and Tina escape Narche for the first time).


I'm up to the three-party choice part... With just the Terra, Edgar and Bannon part left.

The biggest impediment to my enjoyment of this is the amount of repeat abilities I've seen so far.
R-Elem and R-multi are basically the same ability (I mean, small differences, but not significant ones), and both of them use occasional Blitzes. And I've gotten two R-Elem's so far. I also have two characters so far with SunBath, which, as long as I don't use an ability that might accidentally kill my party (like R-Elem and R-Multi, which seem to generate Merton an awful lot), makes every battle long but super-easy.

So anyway, my suggestion for future releases (if any ever exist) would be to at least include the option to turn off repeats.

I'd also like to see Bannon and Leo thrown into the sprite shuffle (and maybe Kefka?).
Ongoing project: "Final Fantasy IV: A Threat From Within"

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Quote from: Kiyoshi Aman on March 02, 2015, 03:18:15 AM
I'm not sure I like the inclusion of Spiraler in the R-Party results pool; if you're unlucky, you lose a character before you ever have the opportunity to get Phoenix Down or Raise or Araise. There also seems to be some balance issues, for instance I just had a TPK just south of Narche due to Tek Laser (WOB, after Lock and Tina escape Narche for the first time).
Thanks for trying out the randomizer. I think you're right that early encounters can be too tough, especially if you set both "m" and "f" flags. Unfortunately I don't see a lot of what I can do about it... Tek Laser, being a single-target attack, isn't even the worst thing you can encounter at that point. I could make those enemies and encounters fixed so that they don't randomize, but that seems like postponing the inevitable... most people start having trouble a bit later, once they reach Mt. Koltz. My best advice for a situation like this, is to make a mad dash for Figaro Castle and hope the next area will be less brutal, and that Edgar will be a useful addition to the team.

I'm of the opinion that given three goals... "procedurally generated", "well-balanced", and "interesting"... the best that I can hope to achieve is two of those three. So I've been limiting my interventions based on balance to obstacles that are completely insurmountable. The idea behind having surprisingly difficult encounters is that they force you to open your toolbox, as opposed to wiping everything out with known strats... but the downside is that some of them really suck.

As for the R-Party skill pool, you might be on to something. I'm not really worried about the player having access to revival items, but I would like to create a stronger incentive to use the new abilities. But I'd also like for there to be incentive not to spam them, which is why skills like Spiraler and Merton have been there for this long.

Quote from: chillyfeez on March 02, 2015, 12:28:08 PM
I'm up to the three-party choice part... With just the Terra, Edgar and Bannon part left.

The biggest impediment to my enjoyment of this is the amount of repeat abilities I've seen so far.
R-Elem and R-multi are basically the same ability (I mean, small differences, but not significant ones), and both of them use occasional Blitzes. And I've gotten two R-Elem's so far. I also have two characters so far with SunBath, which, as long as I don't use an ability that might accidentally kill my party (like R-Elem and R-Multi, which seem to generate Merton an awful lot), makes every battle long but super-easy.

So anyway, my suggestion for future releases (if any ever exist) would be to at least include the option to turn off repeats.

I'd also like to see Bannon and Leo thrown into the sprite shuffle (and maybe Kefka?).
"Elem" stands for "Elemental" and "Multi" stands for "Multi-elemental", so yeah, there is a lot of crossover between them. The solution to this problem might be to drop one of them, and maybe "All" too. "Multi" in particular doesn't convey very well what it does. Usually there are no duplicated abilities among the main party, but that depends on how many times you roll characters with both "Magic" and "Item". Temporary characters like Banon are given duplicate abilities by design.

Free-cast Sunbath is pretty nice, but I expect that it will see diminished usefulness as the game progresses and Cure 3 becomes available as part of the Magic command.

You can add Banon, Leo, Kefka, and any other character with battle animations to the sprite swap pool by using the secret code "partyparty" in the flags.


I finally completed my Beyond Chaos experience and now it's time to review it... i started following the link to your project, i saw huge potential in your work at first sight and so i decided to register me in Github just for being able to interact with you, commenting, asking and proposing some advice for new features or adjustments, until i decided it was ready for my ideal experience... Let's start the rewiew:

Beyond Chaos randomizer:
Pros: (EVERYTHING!!! ok, i'll try to write a list... XD)
- Totally randomized, in something like 98% of all aspects, except the ones that
was unnecessary, if not a bad idea to randomize;
- Now the program is user-friendly: you can use a windows exe version and use any rom, headered or not... if you have any doubt, the first 5 minutes of my Beyond Chaos run on my youtube channel are spent as a tutorial step-by-step to generate a randomized rom;
- The program algorythm asks you a plenty of options, so that you can decide which flags to use or not(default sets all flags), and so creating your custom randomized rom;
- You can input, among flags, secret passwords too... like having falcon in solitary island(when WoR starts), or all Sabin team, no encounters, etc...
- Through the time this guy edited, day after day, his program... test after test, each flaw or bug, dead ends? Vargas was too much strong if random Sabin didn't have Blitz as command? fixed... this and MANY other problems. All this work, plus new features added on his own or by request... the work behind this randomizer is obectively incredible, and it's a living creature, since it's just ready in any moment to implement/fix stuff;
- We have an expanded Fanatics Tower and a totally randomized Kefka Tower final dungeon, something i've never seen before... and now that i saw that... it's almost like travelling inside a multidimensional area... even more dynamic that FF1 hidden multi floor dungeons;
- Custom randomized AI, each place might contain a random hidden boss as 1/16 rate encounter;
- Custom secret random boss(something like a boss with Doom Gaze parameters and Behemoth AI);
- Surprises everywhere, as expected, you find a new item? Check also if it's breakable, which can definitively happen, it's worth to test it too: they have hidden properties... for example i had an amazing luck since when i got Earrings i realized that it had hidden Merit Award and immune death property;
- New type of command: R-????, in which "????" stands for a type of spells, like
R-Fire, R-Elem, R-Magic... which means a list of spells of that type. When you use that command, the spell used is chosen randomly. There are also rare types of this command, like R-Beast(it chooses a random Animal spell, the ones which can rarely be used with Dance command) or R-Rare, which can use special spells of strong bosses, like Flare Star, Hyperdrive... probably Goner too(maybe now it's banned?) ;
- All that randomization, especially the one of monsters makes become the game difficult... maybe not immediately, but trust me: from the second half of WoB you'll start to feel some difference... to not talk about WoR! (PS. beating Intangir will be VERY tough)
- ENDLESS replay value(for my bro should be the fourth new game...)
- Now an improved document is generated with the randomized rom, which can tell you detailed infos about Characters, shops, chests, Colloseum Rewards, monsters locations and other details: a handy guide to help you finding stuff that you definitively might miss;
- The randomizer will gonna generate a super secret item that you might find in a really secret place... will you be able to find it?
- Surely i forgot something, so i'll stop here Pros.
- Someone might complain about difficulty curve? (not my case, i really cannot even consider it a cons, but i must try to be objective...)
- It's a shame to not find immediately one character with Steal command or not find Thief knife asap, since you have to start steal immediately, especially if it's not one of the guys that you use when WoR starts... (still the document can tell you immediately who has which command, so you can keep generating new roms until you find the desired command to the chosen guy)
- You're destined to have an obsolete version, (as you progress through the game) since Abyssonym will add or fix something meanwhile... most of the times(which it just means that Abyss does a great job and try with all means to optimize the randomizer).
- Quick and Ultima are still available(and that will be forever), so overcheapness is still viable...

Now let's write some number, here's the subjects of score:
- Randomness balance (how much it's actually randomized, good choices about what to randomize, how good it's randomized)
- Replay value (a generic value for any game, and so the same for this one)
- Innovation factor (new features, is it a new kind of product, all over the FF6 scenario?)
- Evolving factor(is it alive? would the game ready to improve itself, expanding itself?)

1) Randomness balance: 9.9/10 -> it's just what it must be: chaotic and affected from sudden changes... you might be lucky or not, and that will affect the whole gameplay in general... but it won't stop here: the randomization is studied in minimal details, the design of this chaotic being is incredible: beyond the chaos you'll find something really stable, even more balanced than many other hacks which wasn't even randomized;

2) Replay value: 10/10 -> it's basically infinite, not just because it's a randomizer... when you'll generate a new rom you'll find something completely different, all the times! you won't be able to detect some predictable scheme that you'll be ready to handle, even without seeing it, before starting the next run.
This is what happens when you generat a rom with default setting, but you can manually decide any kind of randomization available, according to your tastes, and if you want to do something even more weird, then you can input secret passwords and so generate a total new experience... finally you can also mix all what i said before and not even me know what might come out from the generator.
You can spend all your life in generating totally new roms and i'm sure that you'll still have new combinations yet to discover;

3) Innovation factor: 9.9/10 -> obviusly it's a randomizer, no surprise... but the game is deeply changed from that, new features includes also the final dungeon randomization/expansion, which is something that not even standard FF6 hacks are used to do in general. Also the R-spells command spells packs is something added, besides is something that would fit really great also in a not randomized hack;

4) Evolving factor: 9.9/10 -> The game is always ready for further new features, fixing/editing stuff, Abyssonym is ready to listen advices, detect bugs, unbalancements... new ideas are welcome to him, from outside: even myself have been part of this living creature.

Really, i cannot give you 10/10 because no one really knows what is absolute perfection, besides that 0.1 includes also what you'll going to add/edit in the future, in any case i can grant you that this randomizer is really near to perfection!

PS. there's also something that touched my gamer heart: that super secret item: that's absolutely the kind of thing i love most in a game, not the super item, like the secretness factor, something out of schemes that you shouldn't normally be able to figure out.
Say for example that i'd start to create an hack for Castlevania SOTN... well, at 400% the thing i'd do would be creating a super hidden room with a new relic/weapon/whatever, accessible only going outside the castle... you know what i'm talking about, right? ;) 

You really don't have any valid reason to not playing this randomizer.
Said that, just start playing Beyond Chaos! Are you still reading this?