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Sad begging for translation.

Started by Sliver X, November 02, 2014, 09:30:15 PM

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Sliver X

So I'm at a place in Lagrange Point where I really need higher level weapons to make battles not 2 year ordeals.

I found a chart showing how to combine the various weapons into higher R ranks, but unfortunately it's not english:

Would anyone care to translate this?

Mew seeker

Your link don't work for me so here is one that do :

I also suggest that you get a program like JWPce for translating Japanese.
While it's not as good as getting help from someone who know Japanese,
being able to translate it a bit on your own can help if there is no outside help available.

That being said, there are three important variable in this game when it come to combine weapons :
-the weapons elements
-their ranks
-single target/multitarget type.

There are 6 elements in this game :
Electricity (電気)
Heat (熱射)
Energy wave (波動) (maybe like the Hadouken from street Fighter or Zan from Shin Megami Tensei?)
Cold (凍結)
Corrosion (腐食) (like acid?)
Special (特殊)

Which 2 elements you fuse will determine which one you get.
I won't translate the whole chart but you have the kanjis in this post so you can use them.
Alternatively, since you now know how it works, you can also recreate it on your own. ^^

Which two rank you fuse will determine which one you get.
Long story short, fusing two weapon of the same rank will give you one of the next rank.
That being said, fusing 2 R6 weapons will give you a Rank 1 weapon so instead fuse Rank 6 weapons with Rank 4 or 5 instead.

Now the attack types. There are single target and multitarget weapons.
If you fuse 2 weapons of the same type, you get a multitarget weapon, otherwise you get a single target weapon.
Also, Rank 6 Single target weapons are actually multitarget weapons but different from Rank 6 multitarget weapon.
As far as I can tell, fusion-wise they count as being single target weapons.

Now that all have been said, have fun and happy fusion making. ^^