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Author Topic: DIGIMON WORLD(PS/PSX) - 3D Game Project  (Read 3838 times)

Ancient Gen

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« on: January 18, 2016, 07:10:13 pm »
Hee there fellow ROM hackers!
I would like to share with you guys what romhacking got me into lately.

First off a small introduction:
My name is Leroy, i am born in 92' (23yrs).
I got hooked onto gaming ever since I was the age of 8.
This is because of my father's birthday present..

A first generation Sony Playstation, along with some games.
Including.. Digimon World:thumbsup:
7 years later at the age of 15, I was still playing it periodically.
Just raising over and over and over. I wasn't even interested in the all the new-age games.
(for those who know) I eventually had all cards and all digivolutions.
I even had all data slots filled with 999/999 digimons, pure digitamamon's dinner!
And I just smiled when I read about that trick on this forum!
Sometimes I wouldnt play for weeks, but then I would get hooked again.
It even got me considering to study game designer, but never did though.
But thats where college times hit me, and I quit gaming overall (as we all should do from time to time)
Here I am today at the age of 23.. Don't ask me how but I stumpled upon
And it hit me again, psx emulator.. digimon world!!
Allthough it gave me shivers all over. I realized I memorized too much after all those years
thus completed the game after 8 years of not playing, in a bit less than 3 hours..

So, I would first of all like to thank this community for making this possible for me.  :woot!:
Just had a 3-hour trip back to my youth! It was amazing and I sure will play it alot more from here on.

BUT!.. With a different point of view!
After playing it, and looking up some stuff on google I realized how big of an interest there still is
for Digimon World and all PS1 Games overall! So to cut the cake evenly for everyone, so to speak.
I would like to share with all of you;

My new hobby / personal Project! 

Digimon World "the remix"

I am going to recreate all or parts of digimon world1 in today's emulators.
And no, not talking about 2D sprite combat action game.
but a 3D Open World RPG Digimon Tamer Game.
My aim is to keep most elements of the original game like the tanemon/palmon/vegiemon meat farm for instance.
But instead allowing you to farm them yourself with them as your landlord, just to throw out one of my ideas!
Ofcourse this is alot of optimism and crazyness, but who cares!
I am sure having fun just thinking about possibillities and fantasizing about the concept.

So If you all would allow me, I will use this thread to keep you guys updated with some of the things I am working on.
I am not setting any deadline so dont expect too much. But it has had me going for 2-3 weeks now.
And an overall of 15 years of love for this particular game. Not even knowing I would attempt it.
I did already write a whole game concept just for the heck of it. But now that I am actually doing it. Well then why not give something back
 to the community whom actually got me into it! Probably It wont be such an amazing process for you as it is for me,
but nevertheless I'll still share as much as possible for those fans out there, who've played this amazing game as well
and still have those memories of their first play-days.

Eventually after Ive finished some stuff for example a playable map or whatever. I will be sharing this with you guys.
Probably through SVN, so you guys can stay updated with minor changes as well.

So to get going.

Here's what I've done so far:
Clearly, I've extracted all of the vanilla game mainly maps textures and props just to form the total picture of what I want to do.
After having all of that done. I decided to work on FILE CITY first, of course.

How it looked back in the days..

What I did with it

Above you obviously see the famous file city toilet.
But have a closer look.. the meat is actually sprouting!
And currently I am working on a fully functional waterfall+lake.

I am not going to use any of the vanilla content, but as you can clearly see I am using the 2D maps
To get a picture of what I have to do and excactly where. Later on after I've got all props and buildings
I will surely add some vanilla events and alot of other things but most of all I will be focussing on transforming my first
digimon world map into a fully 3D zone with all of its respective buildings/digimon/events and who knows what Ill be doing along the run.

Hope you all like my work!

1: FILE CITY: Sculpting the Waterfall Wall

2: The First Digimon being sculpted and rigged. WHO WILL IT BE?

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Re: What this website made me do...
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Re: What this website made me do...
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2016, 08:19:16 pm »
This is absolutely amazing work.. good luck on your project!


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Re: What this website made me do...
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Hey dude. Moved this to a more appropriate forum for ya.
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