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Hacking Dragon Quest VIII Enemy Data

Started by Shin`, October 25, 2014, 11:19:09 AM

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Me and a friend of mine are trying to create a "hard mode" patch for Dragon Quest VIII PS2. I was wondering how we go about doing this? Via hex or what? Does anyone have any experience with DQ8?


Well I'm working a little on some PS1 game, but assuming things are relatively similar:

-make a list of the types of changes you want to make
-check the internet for what others have found about the game, offsets and such
-figure out how to modify the data in the game so that it doesn't break (filesystem where you extract/insert files with program X that takes care of whatever checksums the image thing has? or something else?)
-if no one knows anything, use a debugger (kingcom made something interesting for PCSX2) and figure out the offsets yourself. you can also search for sequences of stats in files extracted from the image - if things are stored simply in a sequence, you can change some things this way alone (and long sequences are almost always unique in the data).
-you may end up knowing how to change some types of things but not others

Hex editor allows you to open files and show/modify everything inside.