Hypothetical Zelda 1 Nes Remake on LTTP - Help

Started by Hype, October 11, 2014, 01:14:28 AM

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O.K this is something i cant do by myself and no one i know can help me.
I can handle the map (mostly), and i can handle the text editing.
everything else is something i just don't have the skill to pull off, (i.e enemy placement, scripting, weapon re-design, ASM)

this is also something that will take a lot of time and effort, and if the project takes off and becomes popular, you should be able to handle the part without getting big-headed and dropping out. or dropping out when your most needed and crippling the project.

If your interested reply with your preferred name, qualifications, and past experience.

I'll PM back if i accept and we'll go from there.

This needs to be done, if Nintendo doesn't do it who will. Us, that's who.


LTTP, is that "Link to the past"?  You should check out the NES hack recently released: "Zelda, The Legend of Link".  I think that's about as close to Link to the past as you'll ever see hacked into Zelda 1 on the NES.  Search for it on this site and you'll find it, I would give it an epic level status of a hack, truly a masterpiece.  If there was an official top 10 it would be on it.

If you're looking to put together a team and want to lead the development of a hack your going to have to A- have some content to show off B- be prepared to do just about all the work to keep it moving forward.  Basically you have to own the project, your team members will reside in their specialties and shouldn't be expected to progress at your pace or even keep up with you (to an extent, they should at least be a few step behind at a min).  You have to drive the momentum in which they get their momentum from your wake.  It's just a fact, people do this as a hobby, some will have greater drive than others but you'll have to be patient.  You get contributions from your team by showing your continued efforts to push the project forward through efforts of your own.

Bottom line: If your going to pull together any level of talent your going to have to put some serious hours in up front and change your approach.  Also don't start any project you can't finish without help.  Any assistance should be to enhance your project.  If your help falls through then you scale back, if people want to be a part of your team then great, your project will bloom from their creative contributions.  Good luck.

Dr. Floppy

I think he wants to remake Zelda 1 on a LTTP ROM/engine.


I'm assuming you want to redo Alttp game (ie Snes game) so that it looks and plays as Zelda1 (for Nes).

If you truly want to edit Alttp in any way (even into Zelda1) then go here:

You should also know, that people will not do things for you. There are rare ASM Alttp masters and they have already done some impossible achievements. It is higly unlikely and very complicated to "make" new items, which are not in the game.

There is also to be noted that a lot of effort with making any Zelda game goes into dungeon creation and general debugging. If you can not do these things yourself, you can not expect, that others will.

You have 1 post on Romhacking. The general idea is this: the so called Supervisor (in this case you) should do most of the work for his project and it is thus expected to know a lot. It is a paradox, that someone who is not in charge would know more, than the one in charge of the project.

For instance I could remake Alttp into Zelda1 mimic or Link's Awakening mimic, but only Overworld and dungeon wise. The new items and events are really not happening! (way to much Asm). And what would be a result of this: the game that we all know already.

We are thus more busy with making actual Alttp hacks, with overworlds and dungeons, which players never seen before, and using Asm to create those new items which the engine would allow without bugs.

I can only suggest to you, to try to make a so called Master Quest of Alttp, to first see, how this is edited. A true Zelda1 on Alttp rom is highly unlikely to be achieved (spoken by me, who knows Alttp inside out). You can however create a very decent mimic of the game:

For instance: there are 9 dungeons in Zelda1. But 1,+3+1,+7+1 in Alttp. You can not tell the Alttp engine to suddenly have 9. Not to mention what this would do to menu which has 3 pendants, 7 crystals default... and the hardcode to 7+3 rooms to drop main items; or in other words 9 crystals can never drop, to then have the "out-tro" sequence of a solved dungeon.

So I would say, you have much better chances of making the Zelda1-Alttp hybrid. For instance: Asm to skip to the crystal collecting was done by Euclid. The 7 crystals dungeons can then match/be redone to the 1-7 from Zelda1. 1 dungeon could be additional (main item but no boss or crystal). Level-9 of Zelda1 would then be build on top of Alttp-Ganon dungeon.


Thanks for the reply and feedback.  its greatly appreciated that you care enough to respond and tell me what needs to be done. and thanks for the link to http://www.zeldix.net/.

after a while and some more work on the project i'll see what i can and cant do.

so for the time being ill work and this topic will be deleted until time arises for it to be here again


Deleting threads removes the ability for others to learn from questions and responses. 


If all you can do is one or two things, then do those things, and do them well. If you get a nice enough project started, someone may be interested in collaborating with you, and if not, then you make it an open resource for the rest of the community. That's my view on things.