How to Exract .bin/.dat file of ps1 games

Started by Abohack, September 30, 2014, 08:57:49 AM

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Hi guys

I really need a tool to pack/unpack .bin and .dat file of ps1 games, I used everything on internet but I still don't have a good tool



Are you talking the several hundred meg .bin and .dat files you might download a game as? If so that is likely some form of iso format, things were not really standardised during the PS1 era and there are loads of formats that various people would use. Not sure what iso format .bin and .dat belong to offhand (the big formats used were standard iso, .bin/.cue, clonecd, discjuggler and nero nrg, there were so many others though), fortunately several (sadly payware) tools exist that can handle the lot these days (magiciso, poweriso, ultraiso...).

If it is files within the iso then .dat is a generic extension and used by hundreds of formats across computing, indeed it is probably second only to .bin in the generic extension stakes. If we had the name of the game or a file sample then something might be able to be done, as it stands both extensions are too common and shared by too many wildly different formats that it is pointless even trying to guess.


Hey buddy

Thanks for your reply, yes I want to unpack .bin file of Time Crisis 3 game, it has a FGI.BIN file that I haven't found any tool to unpack it.


There has to be a better life.


Custom archive format. You need to find someone who has reverse engineered it.