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Example Games for debugging reasons

Started by empwilli, September 18, 2014, 09:01:34 AM

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Hey people,

in lack of proper rom hacking tools for GNU/Linux I decided to start working on some own tools and on the long run it's planned to be an all-in-one toolkit.

Currently I'm working on a tile viewer / editor and would like to test the  different planar / linear modes extensivly. I already created some small testcases using a hex editor but this is quite tiresome.

Do you have some example games (no special platform) you can recommend me to test the implementation of the various tile modes?


Do you want a game to test many "width x height" combinations or a game using many tile modes? For the latter, I would recommend GBA games.
By the way, Tile Molester still works fine for that system.


Funny, I hack on Linux and didn't notice a "lack of proper tools" myself. Some of the more popular tools must be substituted for others (or run under emulation) and some game specific tools are only released one one platform, but none of the essentials seem to be missing.

That said, I won't discourage the creation new un*x native tools. Happy hacking.
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I can recommend the DS game Gyakuten Kenji 2. It has both linear scan and tiled graphics, both 4bpp and 8bpp. It even has a few tilemaps.