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Animating Tiles in SMB1

Started by Shane M., September 17, 2014, 11:41:05 AM

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Shane M.

I'm trying to add animation to water/lava in SMB but I need an example of how a routine like that is done. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?


Do you understand, in theory, how you would even do something like that? You would either need to animate the CHR (which requires a mapper conversion or a conversion to CHR RAM) or add new tiles (good luck, there's no free space in the CHR ROM) and animate the nametable (good luck keeping track of what needs to be animated). It sounds like a simple modification, but unless I'm overlooking an easier option, SMB lacks the necessary features out of the box and as I understand it, there's very space in the ROM to add new data/code/GFX without expanding the ROM and using a mapper.


I think this would be pretty simple to do my changing the mapper to #3 for example. Just switch between 3-4 different animation frames by switching CHR ROM, and make all the banks identical exept the lava/water tiles.




There's definitely animated tiles all over the place in Extra Mario Bros as well


This is a patch that will give you animation for SMB1. It gives you 4 pages of tile and sprite graphics.

You will need to expand the rom yourself, the ordering for pages goes: [Sprite][Tile][Sprite][Tile][Sprite][Tile][Sprite][Tile]

The patch uses the code-space of where the palette animation for coins was, so you'll need to recreate that in your 4 pages of animation.

Patch Link

'daiz made this patch years ago. Heh.