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Author Topic: Night of Sacrifice Translation Patch (a.k.a Ikenie no Yoru)  (Read 7109 times)


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Night of Sacrifice Translation Patch (a.k.a Ikenie no Yoru)
« on: September 13, 2014, 03:43:32 pm »
Hello people,

I was redirected to this site and forum by a fellow member's friend.

We have been working on a English translation patch now for a while and unfortunately some of the people who cooperated seem to have vanished from the earth and thus we cannot finish the project.

It seems that files have been edited wrong, so I seek people who can put the text into the right hexadecimal and XML.
I'll quote everything I've been given.

I hope here people can help me and other fans to get this patch running!!

Please PM or email me if you can/will help. Or reply to this topic.

Quote from the Invision (beyond cameras lens) forums:

Here's everything I have. Here's where to download the patch: (It won't work for me for some reason)

And here's some of the info IlDucci has told me:

"I've just made it work.
There's one huge mistake in the tool you guys got: It puts the edited files at the end of each file. The game doesn't like that, so you need to place each translated file where it should be.
Here's something I just did today:
And here's the XML to be used:

<wiidisc version="1" root="/IkenieNoYoru">
  <id game="SEK" version="0"/>
           <section name="Ikenie No Yoru">
                   <option name="English Translation" default="1">
                           <choice name="Enabled"><patch id="files" /></choice>
    <patch id="files">
             <folder disc="/package/" external="test/" />
 <patch id="kamek_Ori">
              <memory offset="0x80035C10" value="4bfcbc2c" />
              <memory offset="0x80001800" value="9421fff07c0802a693e1000c7c7f1b783c60800090010014386318f04cc63182480343f1800100147fe3fb7883e1000c7c0803a6382100104e8000207c0802a69421ef8093e1107c900110849081101c90a1102090c1102490e110289101102c912110309141103440860024d8211038d8411040d8611048d8811050d8a11058d8c11060d8e11068d9011070380000013be10014980100083800000098010009380110887c641b7838a100089001000c7fe3fb7838011018900100104832e8457fe3fb78483258f9388000017c651b7838c000007fe3fb784832b5418001108483e1107c382110807c0803a64e8000206c6f6c0a00" />

The kamek_ori stuff is actually not mentioned in the main area, and therefore, it's not being used at all.
Here's the file structure

Based on file ch04_05.bin.

0x00: Amount of files.
0x04: Header size.
From 0x08 to the end: Different data blocks that are the amount of files coordinates x 4.

From 0xD0 to 0x133: File sizes.
From 0x134 to 0x17F: File positions. There's a -0x1A0 offset. (That's the size of the full header, mentioned in 0x04)

And here's one more thing: I found the textures as well. This game uses the TPL format, which is a standard on the Nintendo Wii. In order to dump and inject them,
This should be enough to do a new tool or a reinvestigation.  Good luck."

"Anyway, I found a way to inject the data. The problem is, you guys are going to do a lot of calculations. Here's the example file.
(EDITGOOD was my previous version, EDIT should be a clean replacement. Try it out)
First you need to know about hexadecimal and do some hex editing. I'm not going to go through the basics here.
The first four bytes say the exact amount of files a .bin file has. The second four bytes say the size the header has.
The first four bytes will tell you where does the filesize table and file positions table start. How? Skip to 0x08. If you multiply those four bytes x4, you'll get the size of a header block. Well, the first two are useless for us, the third one has the file sizes and the fourth one the file positions.
The header is important, as all the interesting files and stuff needed to recalculate depend on this value.
In the example file, ch04_05.bin, the filesize table starts at 0xD0 and the file positions at 0x134. Now you need to tell the program where does every file starts and what size it has. The size's easy as it's in plain sight. For the position however, you need to sum the header size. So, for example, the first file, the filesize is at 0xD0 (The size's 0x1540) and the file position is at 0x1A0 (The position in the file says 0x00000000, so 0x00+1A0 = 1A0).
This should be enough to replicate the extraction script so you can extract each bin files. After that, in order to know what's the target file, simply open each of the extracted files until you see MES0 at the start. That's your text file.
Now you edit the files with the tool you guys have and keep the MESO and fl file. For injecting the file, you need the _Inject file (Which just says the destination file and the script) and the .EDIT.txt file.
First you need to inject the .FL file. This is very easy: Name the .fl file on the first segment, then calculate the hexadecimal value of the offset you guys have in the Riivolution script and done.
Now, reconstructing the rest. This is a straightforward thing: You tell the script where the file positions start, tell the program how many files you need to insert (All of them per file so everything gets properly calculated), where does it need to start inserting files, and you should be good to go."
Please help us fixing the last parts to get the INY patch working!


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Re: Night of Sacrifice Translation Patch (a.k.a Ikenie no Yoru)
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2014, 05:41:38 pm »
All your links are broken due to shortening, and it seems an account is required at the Beyond the Camera Lens forums to look in the subforum your translation project's posted in, so I'm thinking that first link would've not worked for non-BCL members even if it weren't shortened.

Also, it looks like IlDucci already gave you guys pretty detailed instructions and even did a couple of things for you, so I'm a little confused as to what exactly you want.


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Re: Night of Sacrifice Translation Patch (a.k.a Ikenie no Yoru)
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2015, 10:15:41 am »
Would be awesome!
Hope it'll get done someday...


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Re: Night of Sacrifice Translation Patch (a.k.a Ikenie no Yoru)
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2020, 06:19:56 am »
Hello everyone.

I know it's been a while, but if any of you want to try the English patch I did for this game, you can download it from here:

Hope you'll find it satisfactory, and take care.



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Re: Night of Sacrifice Translation Patch (a.k.a Ikenie no Yoru)
« Reply #4 on: April 01, 2020, 03:15:25 pm »
Thanks a lot!  It's always great to see a new patch for a game :thumbsup: