**SOLVED** Chrono Trigger - Disabling Ayla's Weapon Check?

Started by Josephine Lithius, September 09, 2014, 09:32:19 AM

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Josephine Lithius

Hello again.  I'm still working on a Chrono Trigger ROM hack... and I still need some help.  Rather than fix something I broke however, I need to break something that isn't broken.

At the beginning of any given battle, if Ayla is in your party, the game checks her current level and automatically assigns one of five weapons: Fist (25% crit), Fist (30% crit), Fist (35% crit), Iron Fist (May cause "Chaos"), or BronzeFist (9,999 damage on crits).  It doesn't matter what she has equipped in her weapon slot before combat.  If she has anything other than the weapon that's appropriate for her level equipped, the game automatically changes it over.

I want to disable that.

In my ROM hack, I want to change some of her fist weapons into equippable items, see... and if the game is automatically changing her weapon at the start of combat, I can't make that happen.  I don't know my way around the game to poke around at random hex values and try and "luck" my way to breaking this, but I figured maybe someone here has dabbled in the battle routine code enough to know how to "break" Ayla's auto-equip code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


Changing the following offsets seemed to work.
0x1FAC5 - 80 0F
0x1FADD - 80 0F
0x1FAF5 - 80 0F

These are for an unheadered ROM.
Mauron wuz here.

Josephine Lithius

Worked like a charm with the Charm Top on! (Ah, referential humor...)  Ayla keeps whatever happens to be in her weapon slot equipped now.  Even the Slasher 2 I was testing with stayed right where it belonged.

Thank you very much!


Glad to be of assistance.

For reference, I used the Chrono Trigger Database to find the checks for Ayla's weapon, and branched over the existing code.
Mauron wuz here.

Josephine Lithius

*facepalm*  And there it is, right in the Offsets documentation.  I should've checked those first.  Heh, well... live and learn, I guess!