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Need help with Snes/Chrono Trigger hacking

Started by Sancelot, September 08, 2014, 07:45:09 PM

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Hi, I have quite a peculiar question that I couldn`t find the answer in the forum... You see, I`m hacking Chrono Trigger to propose to my girlfriend. I intend to modify some maps (death peak, to be precise), add some npc conversation, some events and a boss fight at the end. Until this point, Temporal Flux is doing fine. However, after this boss fight I wanted an event that automatically open a custom video, with some pictures of us, some musics, texts, you know... a video.
How can I do this?  Please, help me.

PS:Also, english is not my main language, so I hope you forgive any grammar issues I may have had.





good idea! ;)

I think its a bit difficult to add a video in this game when the snes is running. Or do you want to play the game on pc or from flashcard?!

It would be possible, but you have to hack the event asm to load a MSU Video...! hmmm... like in road blast from d4s.

Maybe Mauron or Justin could say anything about it.

Have a nice day



I forgot to mention, she'll be playing at my PC.

And just for the sake of curiosity, when we started dating I challenged her to beat a hundred games, so I`d marry her. She wasn`t very fond of video games at the time, and of course it was just a joke,  but since things started to get serious I thought "Hey, why not?". And since Chrono Trigger is such a famous game, she wouldn`t expect a thing like that.

(And that video is awesome, it`s kinda the reason I found this forum)


Well, I'll throw in my two cents.

You'll either need to insert the video into the ROM, along with the music, and try formatting it into a new mode 7 scene which would be called by the event after the battle command, try RedScorpion's idea of using the MSU-1 and Higan, or make a modified emulator that can launch a video at a certain point. I wouldn't normally recommend the last one, but since this hack is designed to be run on one very specific setup, it may actually be the best bet - I can't imagine photographs of people looking good on the SNES hardware.

Unfortunately I can't help much with any of the ideas. They're all really out of my area of expertise.
Mauron wuz here.


Hmm.. there's the really cheap way to go around this and force it in, but it would involve some prep work on one very specific PC. If she's using a controller, choose a button not (or rarely) used in Chrono Trigger, map it to a key/key combination on your keyboard, and at a specific point in the game's dialogue, tell her to press that button (if she's using a keyboard, just tell her to press a given key).

You could map that button/key to a shortcut in Windows which would run a batch file. The batch file could then launch a video player which would play your photo collage and then video (I think Windows Movie Maker is a free download that'll let you make a movie like this).

Again.. really ugly way to do this, but it has the added benefit of requiring nearly zero programming other than knowing your way around writing Windows batch files and setting up keyboard shortcuts in the OS!


No problem Mauron, I really appreciate  the fact that you took your time to answer me.

Hey, this batch ideia is quite awesome. I bet if an npc said "press this button" she`d think it`s normal. After all, there`s the carnival scene where Crono has to press a sequence of buttons, so... I`ll study a bit about this Windows batch files. Thanks Seihen.


I didn't think that the SNES was capable of video, much less quality video... maybe if the SNES CD-ROM format was ever released...hmm...

I would think you would have a better time trying to hack the PSX version if you wanted to insert video, but there's probably no editors for the PSX version. Plus you'd have to do everything all over again so not very practical.

The batch script seems like a really good solution.