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Author Topic: ROM Hacks: Final Fantasy V advance - sound restoration updated  (Read 22092 times)


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Re: ROM Hacks: Final Fantasy V advance - sound restoration updated
« Reply #40 on: November 18, 2019, 03:19:05 am »
Still not able to remove that popping noise that this patch produces in retroarch. Any help?
[This poping problem] happens on hardware too, but not as much as on VBA. And if by any means you or anyone can figure out the reason for it then I'll be very grateful and happy to fix it. This glitch is extremely annoying. I've spent hours and hours trying to find the reason for those clicks, in vain.

No existing GBA emulators had enough debugging features to give me any clue of what's going on, including the shareware version of no$gba.
Today that I completely forgot the details of how the sound mixing code was hacked, there's very little chance that I could figure out the cause of those clicks if I couldn't back when I was actively involved.

Some clicks/pop are significantly more noticeable in some emulators than on real hardware. This is the emulator's problem and it's emu authors' work to fix that, not mine. On real HW there is pops, but much less, and the real HW behvaiour is the real behaviour.