Need some direction on displaying Japanese characters in Windhex (NES GAMES)

Started by samuraisnake, August 29, 2014, 07:52:12 PM

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I'm wanting to translate Bikkuri! Nekketsu Shin Kiroku (Localized as Crash and the Boys) to dip my foot in translating certain NES games. Additional reason being that I'd like for people to understand the original story of the game. I need to make a table file to display the Japanese, don't I? Are table files for NES games easy to build?


In windhex, you need to make sure that you tick the "View text data as unicode" item under the "Options" menu.
After that, indeed, you can go File->Open Table File->Table 1.
Now, the real work is in creating a table. I haven't done it for a NES game, but they are the msot documented in the Getting Started section of this site.
Good luck!