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(NES) SMB1 Hacking

Started by FlyingFire64, August 28, 2014, 07:39:47 PM

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So I'm working on a Super Mario Bros. hack, right now. I don't have any screenshots, yet, but I will at least share a map of the first level for some sort of preview. The hack is one of those "unofficial sequel" type hacks, and will contain 16 new levels with new graphics(a lot of which will be NES renditions of sprites from SNES Mario games). The hack is so short because I felt like making this as a challenge to see if I can deaign levels with the same amount of objects and sprites(if not, less) as the original levels, seeing as there isn't really a way to add objects or sprites with any of the utilities provided on this site without taking from other levels with YYME. Gameplay might also be altered with Super Mario Alternate Reality, but I'm debating on that, right now. I just came here to share my ideas about my hack, and to see if I can get any ideas for said hack(for what I can do with levels that aren't finished, which is every level after 1-1).