Could a GBA emulator be made for 3DS without a flashcart?

Started by Ganon35, August 26, 2014, 11:35:27 PM

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   Is that possible?  Does one already exist? If this were possible to make it would be really awesome.  I could finally have all of the Nintendo Handheld games in one place.  I have heard that the DStwo can emulate GBA games, but can it emulate any other games?
I have been thinking of getting a RevoK101 and a R43DS gold, but if there were a way to play all of the games on one console that would be awesome. Thanks.


Well there is one handheld which can emulate GBA, NDS, GB, SNES, PSX, Mega Drive, NES, Amigas, Commodore, Arcade, some Saturn, some Dreamcast, etc, etc, etc... You would only be missing the 3DS :-) The Open Pandora, an open source handheld with a full linux desktop, keyboard and gaming controls!

The 3DS is complicated to hack, as you might know, but an emulator is possible yes. There is no group that I know of working on it, however. SNES emulation on the system is slowly getting better... There is some discussion about this is this forum!


The question in the subject line makes no sense.  Did you mean with a flashcart?  Isn't the DStwo a flashcart?

Considering the GBA "Ambassador" games exist, I would say yes, a GBA emulator has been made for the 3DS without a flashcart.
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