Final Fantasy V Advance Hack + Ancient Cave (v0.5 and v0.a available!)

Started by x0_000, August 13, 2014, 12:12:13 AM

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Right now the only changes I've made to enemies are superficial; Byblos has less MP so that certain Fiesta combinations can beat him by attrition and some enemy !Releases were changed for amusement factor (two weak enemies in world 1 have incredible !Releases...) I'm not planning any major changes to enemies in the main game, though. I want the strategies that work in vanilla FFVA to stay usable in this hack, but I might introduce some new options. In the distant future, after I go through all the changes I want to do with the main game, I'd like to remodel the bonus content (i.e. Sealed Temple) and if that happens I'll do some sweeping changes there. BUt that's still a while away :p

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I had to make a quick fix after I noticed I broke Mind Blast (it would give the victims a "pseudo-hide" status instead of what it was supposed to do...) I did take the oppurtunity to add some more changes, though. The most notable is that Berserkers can now use certain !Action commands if you equip them with one. They still pick their action randomly, though so they might not use them reliably... The first post as usual contains links to the changelog and patch.


I played around with this a little bit. You've made some very interesting changes; the modifications to Berserker mechanics in particular is really impressive. That must have taken some serious rewriting of the battle routines.


Hello, after 3 years I've finally made a new update to the hack! This update takes advantage of the !Catch/!Release technology to have jobs change commands, mainly buffing Red Mages and Rangers by giving them their top skill after you train them up. It also features a few playaround things I've added, like having a Harp that casts !Animals and making the Cursed Ring into a powerful item with a drawback. The first post has the list of changes and you can always check the changelog for more details.

I've also been working on adding yet another new job, called the Jester. What will it do? Let's just say I'll be re-using the !Catch/!Release technology for this one... It'll be prepped for the next release.

I've also started working on adding an Ancient Cave option. Currently I have a beta prototype that is playable, but there's still a lot of work I need to get in to get it to a presentable state. Look forward to it, whenever I get around to finishing it!


I've finished a playable alpha of Ancient Cave mode! The download links are in the first post, but you can also pick it up here. I wrote up a short document to describe the basic information you need to get the game started here.

This alpha build is functional in the sense that you can run through the game and beat it, and the difficulty curve has been modified enough for this to be a pleasant experience. However, it's still missing a lot of features required for a polished build. There are also some bugs with some of the features but they don't affect playability by a significant amount. This patch is built upon the changes I've made for the regular hack, so please take the time to familiarize yourself with it if you want to give it a spin.