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Author Topic: IDE for assembly languages?  (Read 2598 times)


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IDE for assembly languages?
« on: August 12, 2014, 02:45:54 pm »
I don't know what to call it, so I'll call it keywords.

Assume I want to load an address into a register.
Code: [Select]
li 0xbaadf00dI use a pseudoinstruction to load it.

However every time something changes I have to recalculate all those addresses and manually set them all right.  This consumes time and is prone to errors.  But what if I could instead load a keyword, and then use logic of some sort to determine just what that keyword will be?
Code: [Select]
li "BananaForScale"Or:
Code: [Select]
li "foo"Or:
Code: [Select]
li "keyword"

With keywords and some sort of logic for generating them, I can eventually replace all the actual values in a disassembly with keywords which could update themselves as I add new instructions and data or delete those I don't want.

Assume I have a table that is 1000 bytes long (10 bytes per entry, 100 entries).  I want to expand it to 2000 bytes (10 bytes per entry, 200 entries).  If every value in all the instructions were replaced with keywords and the logic which governs the keywords was correct, then I could simply find the instructions that determine how long the table is, increase the size of the table, add the new hex string (that is easily done with just a spreadsheet) to the end of the existing hex string that makes up the table and then I'm done.

Besides that, does anyone know of any IDE which supports pseudoinstructions, syntax highlighting and intelligent code completion for various assembly languages?  And please tell me what you think of this idea.  It seems too useful not to already exist, surely someone already invented and named what I call keywords?
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Re: IDE for assembly languages?
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2014, 03:46:47 pm »
Every language already supports this.
I'm guessing you should read about armips (it's not an IDE, but it will give you a few IDEAs ;)) - depending on the platform you're considering.


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Re: IDE for assembly languages?
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2014, 07:47:18 am »
The keywords you mentioned are called labels in assembly, and like BlackDog61 said, they are supported by almost every assembler as it's a basic feature.

Do you have an idea on what processor, or processor family you want to start using assembly for? There are tons of them, and after you've decided, you can try looking up information on existing IDEs for that processor.