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Need help with a table!

Started by PhoenixAsh, July 31, 2014, 06:55:30 PM

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OK I'm trying to translate 'Marie, Elie and Anis no Atelier' for the GBA but I'm having trouble trying to  make a table for it as I keep getting different values for the letters I tried to find. I know it is probably something easy but I'm new to it and this game probably isn't the easiest to translate but I really want to try it.  The documents on the page to get you started were geared more towards NES and Snes stuff so I'm a little confused as what to do with a GBA ROM.


Have you considered compression? How about having the wrong character encoding? Not everything uses a fixed width encoding and even if this game does you might be using the wrong width. There is also control codes that could be confusing you.


I don't think it is compressed.  I entered the word atelier to try and get a table set up and then I tried entering another word to search for just to see if i was right and that's my problem is that multiple values came up for "A". and other letters too.


Compression is usually seen as a gradual decline in readability, especially on the GBA which definitely prefers things like LZ compression.

It could still be multiple tables (whether area specific, one for menu and one for other parts, ones for different fonts....).

That said I should really have a look at the actual game as theory hacking is not all that useful.


It's probably multiple tables.  It didn't dawn on me that that's possible in the game.

That would be helpful thank you.