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[neo geo]Music 4 Zintrick - help and advices

Started by maldoror68, August 08, 2014, 07:37:11 AM

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Hi everyone  8)

I'm currently on a sort of "project" ,here is the plot (and sorry for my bad English):

the idea:

put music in the MVS/AES Zintrick Rom (finalize the 2004 razoola rom) (yes there is no music for the moment !)

the rom (precisely the aes / mvs rom) is almost complete (program, gfx, sound effects) but the music is missing (because the tracks are on the neo geo cd, and due to the size of the music)

what have be done for now:

-the music from neo geo cd tracks have been riped ,cut and downsampled to match the entry display of MVStracker
.wav (  [296 kbps] [16 bits] [mono] [18500 Hz ] [pcm] ).
so from an 381 Mo from the neo geo cd , I've made all music filling 29.5 Mo in .wav with Goldwave

MVStracker reduce the entry size of a .wav to having a .bin  in output dividing by four, matching the target of 8mo .bin max size
(virtually four 27c160 eproms )

-a partial test rom (only M and V ,with music only) was made with mvs tracker => the output V rom is 7559 Ko in size for now (music only)

what may occur

-mixing the actual sound effects (razoola "sound effects"M rom and "sound effect"V rom) with our music rom ( "music" M and "music" V )
this probably must be done in Z80 assembler  :o
convert first sound effects(.pcm on the 1st neo geo tracks) and the music (our awesome 29.5 Mo) all in .wav format ,then build a V rom and an M rom in MVStracker...and after editing them in asm....

the good:

-work has begun
-music files from CD tracks are seriously reduced in size

the bad:

-this project needs good programmers. and I'm really bad in asm

the tools

-mvs tracker
-ym2610 decoder
-some z80 dissasembler / editor / assembler

(files can be found here:)

the doc:

the original topic where all began (in french - but you can google translate)

August 08, 2014, 04:29:48 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

it's me again  ;)

if my topic is in the wrong section, please move it  ;)

the work of the day:

-a test rom with music only. it works!

what's inside:
-original neo geo  rom and :
- modified files: M and V are customs, made from the cut .wav with mvs tracker

the file, if someone want to test under Mame...:

sorry for the cacophony, the M rom is not hand-edited for now...and it's music only, SFX aren't inside.


Did you take your work to hopefully you get this message.