[Nes] Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu - Soccer Hen (J) Edit Text

Started by q8fft, August 03, 2014, 10:34:36 AM

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i really don't know how to start, Is it possible to extract/edit text from this game,  Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu - Soccer Hen (J)

i want translate this game i edit the font sprite but i miss how to find text

any idea, help please

i really I appreciate your reply.



Option 1 - Relative search (with lanji support, obviously), using a sequence of at least 4 characters (ideally 6).
Option 2 - SJIS Dump is a great tool. Use it!
Option 3 - Look for ASCII inside the ROM. If you find some, chances are you'll find some Japanese close by.
Option 4 - Use an emulator and (painfully) watch code being executed until you find text. Probably starting from memory read of the font graphics (since you seem to know where it is?)
(A lot more options are bound to exist...)

All of the above require a good reading of the "Getting Started" section on this site. Have you read it? ;D


thanks ^^ , you know this not my first time to translate roms, but this first to translate Japanese game, so i'm confused now XD

and i will try what i can do...


Let people know what you try and what works / does not work.
Help will be more focused if you do so. ;)


Quote from: BlackDog61 on August 03, 2014, 01:42:46 PM
Let people know what you try and what works / does not work.
Help will be more focused if you do so. ;)

After many attempts to translate the game, succeeded in the first step  ;)


Excuse me, I have a weak English language XD..

but i have a problem i want someone to understand Japanese to help me translate the game.
coz i'm working alone...



Oh man. It's a great thing any time someone goes to translate a Nekketsu game. Ganbare Dunk Heroes is the best. Good luck. :)
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Looks good, but tourn. (with a period) is the standard 6-character abbreviation for tournament.



Abbreviation always look awful.

I would do something like:
1P Tournament
2P Tournament
2P Practice
There has to be a better life.


thanks guys for the praise..

Site really useful  ;)

In fact, your note convincingly  ::)

i make change to

and this new img ( and i hope someday i End translation of this game ^^ ) coz i'm huge Fan kunio kun Series...