Unable to load the MarCas editor for Mario Land 2.

Started by FlyingFire64, July 20, 2014, 03:01:25 AM

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//So I was about to try out Mario Land 2 hacking and found an editor on this, that seems easy to use, called "MarCas". I opened it, and it says "MSCOMCTL.ocx is missing", forcing me to close the program. In fact I've had this problem with other editors for other games off of this site, like SMB3 Text Editor, SMB Utility(fixed by downloading it somewhere other than Romhacking.net), and even the only other SML2 editor out there, MooJelly).

I tried looking for solutions, and eventually found 2 files off Microsoft's website that were supposedly able to fix this problem, but did nothing. I would download MarCas from another site(like I did with SMB Utility), if this site wasn't the only site that provided this utility. I previously asked this same question on SMWCentral, but recieved no response, so I made an account to find out how to fix this problem. Additionally, I will release a SML2 hack on this site some time after I find out how to fix this problem(if possible).

If there's anyone out there that can help me with this problem, I'd really appreciate it.