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Author Topic: Greatest quote I have ever seen  (Read 1523 times)


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Greatest quote I have ever seen
« on: July 15, 2014, 01:25:19 am »
Quote from: Spooniest on June 26, 2012, 05:37:40 am

[...] right here we have an example of the capacity human beings have for altruistic behavior...

...We call it  :thumbsup:

This sums up how I feel about my current project right now.

What started off as a desire to create my own hack of FF1, turned into a desire to turn the game on its head for other hackers. Some of you might remember when I was continually asking for help a year ago, and my frustration turned into a very altruistic mind set.

Nobody should suffer through wanting advanced hacking techniques for Final Fantasy. (this is just uncalled for). This game is way too great to give anyone any difficulties, and should be fully capitalized on, by all who are interested.

I am actually so determined to give as much analysis as I can find, that I havent even started on my own hack yet. Some of that is because I want all my ducks in a row before I start, but most of it is because I dont want others (especially newcomers), to go through the mental stress I went through last summer and fall.

Doing something for free, and genuinely wanting to help others, is an example set from the Christian faith that I follow.

Taking my favorite RPG ever made, and making an effort to give as much full access to the games code, so it is completely easy to understand for the most novice of people, is a very rewarding feeling.

I wish I hadnt been so afraid (or unwilling) to learn how to use a computer all these years. No joke here, I didnt get my first pc until late 2009. Within 2 months I was downloading various patches from here, and on Zophars Domain. Just learning how to run an emulator was a daunting task at first. Then I proceeded to download all the oldies and hacks I could find. This turned into what is now a near 10,000 collection of games I had fully complied by the end of 2011.

It wasnt until early 2013 that I had finally built up the determination to finally learn how to hack. This was initially pursued because I wanted to modify all the stats for FF6A, which wasnt available til Madsiurs FF6AE editor came out. I tried and failed for over a year, to find AR codes for the stats that werent covered, and then his editor came out. That was the first time I put significant effort into learning how to use a rom editor. I ended up moving over to learning FFHackster instead, because I was waiting for Steal and Drop options to be added in an update with FF6AE.

I had no idea in April or May of last year, that this was going to become the massive determination it has become. This will be my primary hacking interest, until I lay out all the code I deem fit. This could easily take another 8-12 months, and I will enjoy every moment I have the time to work on it.

Advanced FF1 hacking, INT patch variables, and everything else I can find.

This is a great site to be a part of  :beer: