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Moorhuhn 2 (PS1) translation

Started by weissvulf, July 06, 2014, 04:56:28 AM

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This is just a little diversion project I'm doing for the fun of it. Moorhun 2 is a shooting game something like Duck Hunt. The project is mostly done, but I haven't been able to access the text for calibrating the lightgun ingame.  The text for that section appears to be assembled on the fly from disconnected phrases so I can't really get an idea of the context without seeing it.

Just posting to get any feedback before I call it good. If anyone can access the gun calibration text and take some screenshots, or tell me which PS1 Emulator supports an virtual lightgun that works with the game, I would be grateful.

Here's the PPF Patch (Updated to v1.1)


Thank you for that information RetoHelix. I tried the directions, but it doesn't seem to register a lightgun that Moorhuhn will accept.  I've also tried the built in lightgun emulation with epsxe and pSX; they both seem to register the gun's crosshairs, but the fire buttons don't work, and "calibrate lightgun" remains greyed out. I'm wondering if EU games require a specific type of lightgun.   



That worked! A huge thanks RetroHelix  :woot!:
Turns out the phrase fragments were just used in lieu of linebreaks, but the sentences written reversed in the data. ("the hill."  "walked up" "The dog").

Linked to an updated patch in the top post.