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Author Topic: Translations: Fire Emblem 5 Progress Patch Released!  (Read 13169 times)


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Translations: Fire Emblem 5 Progress Patch Released!
« on: September 12, 2006, 07:27:57 am »
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Update By: FEF

A new patch for Fire Emblem 5 for the SNES (aka Thracia 776) has been released! The patch is based off of the Thracia 776 ROM Translation Project made by neonclover which is now "on hiatus." The patch translates up to Chapter 19 story wise, and has most of the menu/skill/character name stuff translated as well. If you plan on trying to play through with the patch, please read the readme as there are a few areas that help in beta testing is needed.

Updates to this patch as well as a list of what has been completed thus far are kept in a messageboard thread linked to below on the Fire Emblem fan boards.

Relevant Link: (