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Author Topic: SM64 Romhacking help  (Read 1549 times)


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SM64 Romhacking help
« on: June 10, 2014, 06:36:56 pm »
Hello, I am working on an SM64 Romhack and I have finished creating the first level aside from adding enough coins for the 100 coin star. I have all the red coins placed but when I collect the star, it doesn't register it as the star I set the parameters to. Instead when it brings you out of the course the star doesn't have a name, and in the actual pause menu it says that it was the 100 coin star. I don't know if this is possibly a result of not having enough coins for the 100 star. The other stars work perfectly and have never messed up.

Second problem, some of the collision is working improperly, I created two towers that you could walljump in between to get to the star on top. But when I try to walljump, Mario just glitches out and falls without jumping. I changed it to a slope and a climbable hill, but same effect. In a similar issue I tried creating flowers that have no collision so you can walk through it but it just created an invisible wall around them that extends all the way upward so I tried just having the base of the flowers no collision and the top with default but that causes a weird effect shown in the pictures I have attached. I have been trying to solve this all day but I have had no luck.

I had to reset my game to get out of here.

I would get stuck on top of the flowers and even if I ran off the edge i'd be stuck, I had to jump out. You're supposed to be able to pass right through them.
Note: Both types of collision errors I had were working somewhere else in the level so that's where i'm stumped.