Project canceled in Spanish of "Far east of eden Zero"

Started by FRCBMEX, June 05, 2014, 09:35:24 PM

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Hi I'm new here is that there was a problem with the translation of the RPG video "Far East of Eden Zero" in English, but even Hispanic translator games, I like to share a little piece of my FRCBMEX and HEXORD and clear this review is incomplete, but I wanted them to see the fruits of our progress, unfortunately due to other projects we have in mind and the lack of a writer who has a knowledge of the Japanese language and to make this work costs a pretty face, if so huge, there was no choice but to cancel the project or actually not quite, quite some time I decided to share the work of the Spanish translations in beta, so, that I have now decided to do the other translators being Hispanic or non-Hispanic achieving continue this great project and offer to others.:(

Finally I know other groups as "Au-ro-ra", "Byuu" lost temper and are working on versions in English or German but I thought that other groups also would be interested in making their own versions in different languages ​​by reason I share the download link. This project started from 2010 to 2013 and with only two people.
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Removed ROM links.


"lost temper"  :laugh:

By the way, what happened to LostTemplar? He seems to be MIA.


Please re-upload this with the ROM replaced with an ips patch that can be applied to the unaltered Japanese rom (create it with LunarIPS). I'm mainly interested in the tools.
I contacted both project leaders about the compression since they offered to share it, but sadly received no response.


Quote from: Dgdiniz on June 10, 2014, 01:11:02 PM
By the way, what happened to LostTemplar? He seems to be MIA.

I know him from a bit, and I can say, he was never "massively talkative". Guess he's undercover, preparing the next twelve-headed laser-eyed bunny to pull out of his hat.
To the project, wasn't it like LT entrusted byuu with it? In that case, that would have been a mistake, obviously.


Thanks a lot, FRCBMEX.
In case anyone was wondering, the Spanish translation (you can google it if you are interested) was distributed through external graphical packs for use with the Snes9X emulator (DeJap used to host them on his site for either versions of this game, Star Ocean, and Momotarou Dentetsu Happy), and the assets weren't actually re-compressed since the tools are not available obviously - without the compression tools, distributing the copyrighted assets in this state is currently the only way to distribute the Spanish translation at all, which is a shame since it can't be hosted here or the majority of translation romhack sites due to legal concerns.

LostTemplar's last public appearance on either forums I know of (btw Au-ro-ra was his site's name, I think) was September last year, so the lack of response from him is obviously perfectly understandable.


So, out of curiosity, what's included in this translation? Is it nearly playable? (By playable I mean at least being able to navigate through menus even though the story is not translated)


It's more of a proof-of-concept.
Only a sentence was translated in the very beginning, and the font was still fixed-width like in Terranigma. But at least the main text font is inserted. No menus or graphics whatsoever were translated.


You're right though in fact if you had plans to translate the texts in Spanish but as I saw it was too complicated even with only two people, with only two tools and besides not having a person who can speak or at least have some knowledge of the Japanese language, among other things there was no choice but to cancel this wonderful project and leave them to others for you to continue with the translation into Spanish and give my progress for you to do your own translations in their own language.
Which is why the more horrible! :banghead: and worst letters in the program were not seen with the naked eye.
And honestly I finish this review and hexord would have cost a pretty face and who knows how many months or years would have ended.   :D
And this picture is the leaf scripts translation:


Woah dude, use a proper upload service. I can't see a thing.  ;D


Tools? Not just a simple hex-editor/tile-editor? That's interesting :)
Mind sharing them here?


This thread and tools strike me as pointless given how they compare to the work of LostTemplar. You're probably better off trying to contact LostTemplar and pleading with him to continue his work and release his tools.


Quote from: Pennywise on June 13, 2014, 01:06:38 PM
This thread and tools strike me as pointless given how they compare to the work of LostTemplar. You're probably better off trying to contact LostTemplar and pleading with him to continue his work and release his tools.

LostTemplar is MIA atm.
And this thread was originally about the release of a proof-of-concept Spanish translation effort completely separate from the German/English ones, using graphical packs, hence why the links were taken down. Said Spanish hacker FRCBMEX (he did an EVO translation before, I think? He's qualified to do a Terranigma-like translation, that's for sure) is also asking for people who are fluent in Japanese and interested in a Spanish translation.


I think it's a very poor approach to use graphics packs as a basis for any translation work. It's basically an emulator specific hack. It won't run on hardware. It won't run on any emulators that don't support graphics packs. Quite frankly, it's deprecated for those that do support graphics packs now that proper decompression on the SPC7110 was achieved several years back. It's just dooming your work to obscurity right from the very start. It's doing a disservice to any group that even consider picking this up. Couple that with the level of hacking work and it's unlikely anyone will find this very useful to do anything with.

I say this to encourage you to up your ante and provide something much more enticing if you really want to help other groups succeed.
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