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Author Topic: Trying to debug Exp in Dragon Warrior (NES)  (Read 7924 times)


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Re: Trying to debug Exp in Dragon Warrior (NES)
« Reply #20 on: May 20, 2014, 01:22:17 am »
Let's put it this way: you may have noticed that many of the 6502 assembly instructions explicitly refer to operations performed on the accumulator.  That is because using the accumulator is the only way these instructions can be performed.

There's no such thing as a single instruction that can be used to instantly pick two locations in memory, add their values together, and store the result in an arbitrary third memory location.  Such an operation can only be performed by laboriously loading one value into the accumulator in one step, adding the other value to the accumulator in a second step, and then storing the new value in the accumulator somewhere else.  And things instantly get more complicated if you're dealing with numbers that aren't 8-bit (i.e. greater than 255).

P.S. I can't say I know much about assembly myself except that it gets quite complex very quickly.
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Re: Trying to debug Exp in Dragon Warrior (NES)
« Reply #21 on: May 26, 2014, 10:34:49 pm »
How about looking at it this way: "hacking" is not some thing where you randomly change numbers in a hex editor and make magic in video games. "Hacking" is reprogramming the game. Pursuant to this, you need to have the skill to write your own computer programs before taking on hacking.

But just so you know, you've no idea what you're getting yourself into. A major time sink of mind-bending frustration... there is a reason there are like 20-30 games with full translations sitting around and no one has yet completed their implementation. Each game is a labyrinth unto itself. But if you insist, there are gobs of resources on this site for the task. One tutorial teaches you how to create sprites on the NES. Elsewhere, you'll find complete ASM dumps for entire games. You'll find things go much, much deeper than the "accumulator".

Oh and one more thing: the locations of the experience yields has already been discovered. It should be on Datacrystal or if not there, in the Dragon Warrior shrine at RPG Classics. And if not there, check the Game Genie sites to find the exp tables themselves.