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YYCHR Help-Final Fantasy IV (II US)

Started by Z@@$@sVkc7EHI!15, May 06, 2014, 09:30:08 AM

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I've tried editing the sprites in the game I am making by editing it in YYCHR. However the C++ version is in gibberish and that I have no idea what the options are (maybe incompatible with my computer which is an ultrabook), and the C# version works fine for options but when I open both they have a really weird palette which I can't figure out how to fix.  :banghead:
I know a little about hex editing but I just started like 5 April 2014, and I know it has to be 6 digits but no matter what option I pick when I go to the hex address for character spriting it shows 8 digits! Mind if you guys provide some assistance to a n00b?  :thumbsup:

C++ version:

C# version:
Seems okay...

Both versions:


First of all. Get this version of YY-CHR:

there are some other vital programs in there, that you can ignore.

On the palette issue. The default palette is always false. You need to play your game in ZSNES, and make some ZST savestates. Usually this is done, when you see a sprite (that you want to edit) on-screen.

Now open YYchr, load the decompressed gfx in it (usually a bin file) and then go to Palette/Emulator state load and select the ZST savestate. Now press the down-arrow button to change all the available palettes with this savestate (if your sprite was on-screen, than one of the palettes is completely accurate to your sprite).


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