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possible to combine the terranigma patches?

Started by taikyoku, May 03, 2014, 11:23:16 PM

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hi! not sure if this is the right subforum.

i see a nice ntsc hack from 2003 as well as a font width hack from 2010, and i'd really like to use both! is that feasible, or would a new patch have to be made?

(tbh i don't mind the font as is, but that hack makes it look more like the other quintet games, which is kinda cool)

Gideon Zhi

The NTSC patch should only adjust a single byte, so yeah, I'd say they're probably compatible. Apply one, then the other.


ah right, i remember reading something about that. guess that's european publishers for you :V

excellent, thank you! looking forward to terranigma, though i think i'll end up liking iog a little better...

edit: Extremely informative, GHANMI, thank you.


To make the game 60 fps for ANY of the non-Japanese Pal versions (English, French, Germa, Spanish... and the numerous fan-translations based on those), change the following two bytes (absolute addressing, headered rom):
101D9 : 1byte = 02>01
799CC : 1byte = 89>A9
It has a regional lock that prevents it from being run on NTSC systems, hence why the need to change the second byte.
The 60Hz patch on RHDN changes more bytes, but that's because the author decided, for whatever reason, to change the internal name of the ROM in a completely unnecessary way.

The half-width font patch only applies to the English version, and doesn't even corrects all of the text besides the dialogue.