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Dark Link in A Link to the Past

Started by bradzx, April 21, 2014, 04:04:51 PM

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This is sprite hack of Link and I use this sprite from OOT when you against him in Water Temple. 
Sadly I can't make his eye red.  If I use red, then outline will be red too.

Small story of Dark Link.
After Link defeat Dark Link in Great Temple (Zelda 2), Dark Link have realize what did he is doing wrong to fight Link. 
In order bring him back to Link, he must defeat Ganon and make a wish from Triforce to send him back to Link as no longer to fight him again in other time.

What did I do sprite hack is: tunic, sword, and shield.
Tunic - Look at the belt.  It is show color tunic you wear.  When you get blue tunic or red tunic, it will change the color.
Sword - Every level sword get dark, darker, darkest, and darkness.
Shield - Same as sword.

Here is ips patch and use USA version of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.  Other rom is unknown.
Are you huge fan of Megaman Xtreme 2?   Then check this progress of Remastered version!