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Sprite editing (Final Fantasy IV SNES)

Started by Z@@$@sVkc7EHI!15, April 23, 2014, 08:45:20 AM

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I've been working on a hack on Final Fantasy IV, or known to US peeps as Final Fantasy II, where I completely modified everything with a hacking tool. But there is one problem: The sprites. I can't seem to know how to edit sprites.

Is there anything I can do using the hacking tool or do I have to use a hex program? If so, how do I get started on that hex program?

Gi Nattak

Wha?! You completely modified everything with an editor? Events and music too?!

Sarcastic jokes aside, I'm not familiar with this FFIV editor, but if it does not have a sprite editor like FFVI has editors for your best bet I'd say is to use YY-CHR and set it to 4BPP SNES graphic format and go to address 0D0200 and you'll see the character sprites there in which you can edit them. You can load a save state file at the top under 'Palette' from in battle with the character you want to edit, in order to view it with the right palette to make it a little easier...


Gi Nattak, thanks! (You're half right, events can be edited)
But now when I open the file it becomes tons of colours and I can't see any sprite.