Super Mario Bros: The Wrath of Bowser (Hack Cancelled, Project Still Alive)

Started by RetroRain, March 28, 2014, 12:08:10 PM

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What's in the package:

ROM has been converted to Mapper 4: MMC3.

I converted this myself from scratch.  No patches were used to convert this (no offense to infidelity, who made a MMC3 patch for this game.  I just wanted all of the work in this hack to be my own).

ROM has been prepped completely.

This ROM has been set up completely.  It will run on real hardware, and it has been set up to enable CHR-ROM swapping on the fly.

ROM now uses SaveRAM.

At the moment, the game can save your completed levels and lives for Player 1.

New title screen to be coming.

A new title screen is planned, which will be independent of the levels (not being displayed on the level and doing a demo play).  Also what will be included is an option to erase the saved data.  Erasing saved data erases data for both players, since a 2-Player game requires both players to be preesnt in order to play.

New Levels

Levels will be brand new or remixed, or both.


I plan on a special music change for the Castle levels.


Original graphics will be left alone to preserve the classic retro feel.  However, there will be some palette changes.

New Boss Graphics

Bowser will be the final boss, but you will not be fighting him for every Castle level.  Instead, thanks to the CHR-ROM swapping I programmed, I will be using Koopa Kids or new characters to replace the Bowser sprites.  This makes the game more unique, as you will only face Bowser at the very end of the game.  So there will be 8 unique Bosses.  I may try make the final boss, Bowser, challenging in some way.

SaveRAM Video

Don't mind the incorrect World numbers.  This will be correctly very soon.

Screenshots (Showcasing what I thought were cool palette changes)

My YouTube Channel: RetroRainZX85 -


I'm sorry to say that the "hack" version of this project has been cancelled. Super Mario Bros. is a very difficult ROM to work with, and even then I can't do the things that I really want to do. I will be porting this project over as a Game Maker homebrew. However, I am releasing the enhanced Super Mario Bros. ROM I made, which I used as a base for this hack. You can get it in the other thread.
My YouTube Channel: RetroRainZX85 -


Aw please don't stop.  You can ask for help and they might help you for your hack problem.  Don't stop where you are.  Just wait and see when someone come to help you.
Are you huge fan of Megaman Xtreme 2?   Then check this progress of Remastered version!


You should release a patch with the palette changes  :thumbsup: I really dig the new colors