Final Fantasy IX - God Save the Queen [PSX]

Started by Almagest, April 07, 2014, 02:47:26 PM

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Which icon color should I choose for this weapon?

1 (8.3%)
2 (16.7%)
2 (16.7%)
4 (33.3%)
3 (25%)

Total Members Voted: 12

Voting closed: April 14, 2014, 02:47:26 PM


This is a hack that allows Steiner to equip Beatrix's sword, the Save the Queen. I took the liberty to modify some of the weapon's stats, damage calculation formula, price, and the items required to obtain it. Now it is stronger than the Ragnarok, and weaker than the Excalibur II, thus making it Steiner's 2nd strongest weapon in the game! The Save the Queen is no longer available in the last dungeon. Now you can get it a bit earlier, in the Black Mage Village's synthesis shop (Disc 4 only!), so you can kick the ass of all disc 4 bosses with it! ;D

I was originally planning to move it to Alexandria's synthesis shop so it could make more sense, but that one shares the same items with Lindblum's and Treno's.

Items required for synthesis:
-Ultima Sword
-Flame Saber (missable)

65,000 Gil

Weapon's stats:
Attack Power +92
Strength +2*
Speed +1*
Magic +2*
Spirit +5*

Elem-Def: Fire damage reduced to 50%*
Elem-Atk: None*
Status: None*

-Stock Break

Weapon formula:
Knight/Thief Swords

*Already set by default


EDIT: The voting has already ended. The patch is finally released, and you can download it in the link below:

Tools used:
Hades Workshop v0.23 (by Tirlititi)


Sadly there isn't an angle of view where we can clearly how is the sword.



Edit: Just thought of adding the concept art.


I though that C was the best representation of the sword, but went with B as it felt more prominent/important because of its contrast, and I felt this was befitting of the weapon.


I went for D cause I felt that was the best icon for it to match how it looks.


Well, the poll's finished, and the winner was D! This was quite unexpected, seriously. I thought B was going to win. I'll release the patch maybe tonight or tomorrow.

EDIT: The patch was submitted and successfully added to RHDN's database. You can find the download link in the first post. Have fun! :)


This patch its compatible with the PAL - spanish version of FFIX? Anyone has tested this? Thanks in advance.


No, I don't think it works. It's only for the US version of FFIX (NTSC). And I don't have the Spanish version. But I bet the Spanish version's compatible with Hades Workshop. HW is compatible with most versions, even the Japanese version. Give it a try! ;)


I have patched the Pal - spanish version and at least the game boots ok, but i need time to check... I´ll keep informated.