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Blue Stinger's Camera: How to Restore It?

Started by Gary_Oak, March 26, 2014, 04:45:09 PM

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As it is known, the original release of Blue Stinger in Japan had camera angles similar to those found in games such as Dino Crisis and Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Here's a video to show you what I mean:

Now, both US and European releases had this changed into an always behind the player camera view (similar to Tomb Raider's) and I began to wonder if this could be easily reverted using a GameShark code or something. Better yet, maybe it's a simple line of code within the game that needs to be changed to get the original camera back?


If you're lucky, it's probably some sort of pre-set camera data present in the game's level data that for some reason gets ignored in the International versions of the game (or is just missing). So if you're super lucky, the solution to reimplementing it is basically just fetching the level data from one version and put it into the other (heck, in ultra "too good to be true" world, you'd might even be able to boot one version and just change disc and have victory, but localizations and other changes between releases tend to make that ... well something that doesn't produce results) -- if you're "just" lucky, there might be some memory flag that disables the reading of camera data from levels;

So if you're on an Action Replay/GameShark hunt for a solution, at least try to save yourself some trouble and make sure level data is identical between the two versions (if it's not, try implementing one into the other and see what the results are). Never looked at BlueStinger, but I guess there's always a chance that it stores room specific text/dialog in the room data too and not just geometry and various things such as possibly camera triggers, item placements, and what not.

Depending on how the game handles the switch between static camera and chase camera, you're possibly/hopefully just looking for something that either;

1. Changes value based on what type of camera type it's currently displaying (Say; chase cam, static cam 1, static cam 2, etc.)
2. Changes value based on whether or not to utilize level specific camera data or generic chase cam (basically just an On/Off switch, if you're lucky)

Try filtering memory values for something that changes value between evt. in-game cutscenes and regular gameplay, and/or changes value between different camera angles in the JP version (or any point where the international version may contain leftovers of the static cam system), etc..  Memory location for stuff might not match up entirely between the regional versions. Keep that in mind when you try to experiment between the two.   JP version might be a good place to start, to see if you can force specific camera angles in it by looking for whatever changes everytime you cross between different camera angles. Then try to bring that over to the international one and see if it bears fruit ... or if you're super unlucky and things are just altered horrible in terms of how the camera system works between the two and the only way to reimplement it is through lots of hands on handy work and coding.