What would Golbez look like if he was playable in Final Fantasy IV for the SNES

Started by thepatrickinator, August 04, 2016, 09:47:41 PM

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I've wondered what a fully playable Golbez would look like in Final Fantasy IV. I mean the SNES version. We currently have Pressure and Taunt for Golbez from the After Years and wondered what Pressure would look like if Dark Knight Golbez used it. I know that it will be an SNES version of Dream Golbez battle sprites from The After Years while using some of the battle sprites for when he took on Zemus/Zeromus in the original 1991 game. The hack I played was Final Fantasy IV: Playable Golbez Edition. That was when Golbez become a playable character after the Tower of Babil mission thanks to fedorajoe.