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ultimate hack

Started by michaelm11, March 09, 2014, 12:24:06 PM

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I'm currently to make a Pokemon, digimon, Mario, Zelda and donkey Kong crossover. It will be a gameboy advance hack

It will be something similar to the super Mario z episodes meets kingdom hearts. I want to make an epic RPG game. I've done similar hacks in the past, but nothing this big.

As the fan/hack community, what would you like to see?

The story I'm thinking could be. The balance of time and space has been torn apart, and its up to a time warrior (new character) to gather these characters together to restore the balace


I'd like to see someone who makes claims and delivers on them.  There's far too many people saying they're going to do a hack.  People list this insanely huge and complicated idea of a hack which usually gets as far as the title screen and whatever easy to use editors allow them to change with a few mouse clickedy clicks.

I don't care what direction you take the hack as long as you keep us up to date with pictures and videos on a regular basis.

That being said story...story....uhm

Sure a temporal rift caused them all to find each other and they're working to fix it, sorta like chrono trigger but instead of time it's across dimensions or something.

And yes, I look forward to it.