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Help Edit HUD in Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)

Started by Korxroa, March 19, 2014, 03:16:04 AM

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Sorry, Wrong Room
How to Edit HUD in SMB3 NES Hack?

SMB3 Hack running FCEUX Version 2.2.2

"WORLD1" -> change tile to Mario/Luigi Hat and change text to "W1"
Replace Letter Icon "M" is Mario and "L" is Luigi -> Face

V is $72 (Change Tile "RL" to "V", Added Letter "V" like Change Text "COURSE CLEAR!" to "LEVEL CLEAR!")
x is $FB

Replace Hex Code
A0A1A1A1 to A0A1A1A3 -> Top Box
707172 to 7071AA -> Right Box with World Letter "RL"
7475FB to 7475AA -> Right Box with Mario / 7675FB to 7675AA -> Right Box with Luigi
A8A4A4A4 to A8A4A4A9 -> Bottom Box

Like Box with Face Mario/Luigi?

Edit HUD not work Hex Editor using WindHex
1: Open File Super Mario Bros 3.nes
2: Menu "Search" -> click "Hex Search"
3: Enter Data Type "A0A1A1A1" -> click "Find" button
4: Error Message "Sorry... The string was not found"

Edit HUD work Hex Editor with PPU Memory using FCEUX -> No Modified NES ROM
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