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Author Topic: Game has English words already in ASCII format. What about the Japanese?  (Read 7853 times)


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Which part of the game you took that savestate on? I took one right before a stage (when the stage title appears), and it shows pretty cleanly here on YY-CHR. Are there any other parts with japanese text?

If you let the game run, there is an intro story that comes on. I took a screenshot of the following that resulted in the cut in half Japanese font:

The savestate from that screenshot looks like it may have the entire kana in it. Only it's cut in half.

I did try taking a screenshot of the screen that introduces the first stage here:

The entire kana font is not included in there though but it is clearer to see. I thought the font was supposed to be in a specific order. Looking at the stage intro screenshot in YY-CHR, it looks like the font is just the phrases for the different level introductions.

I was hoping I could see the entire kana font for the game clearly so i could make a table.
I'm tempted to try tile molester, but doesn't java have vulnerabilities? Is it safe?


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About the stage title, it looks like just a few Kanji, not a complete font. It's pretty common. It looks like the game decompresses only the necessary characters and puts them in the memory, so you won't be seeing all the kanjis at once.

About Java, if you just run the program and then close Java VM later, there's no problem. The warnings are usually to servers and people who let Java run 100% of the time.

EDIT: I think I've found it, but like I thought, the game only decompresses the characters printed on screen, not the whole font at once (it decompresses the whole roman alphabet, though).

As you can see, some letters are properly aligned, while others are not. The kanjis all look aligned, though. I don't know if this is what KingMike referred to as "interleaving", but I recall seeing a similar question before in the board. I think it was about how some tile tools deal with width values. I never looked at these kind of fonts before, so I'll let someone more knowledgeable help you.
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