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Reprogramming FFHackster

Started by joe73ffdq, February 28, 2014, 06:54:38 PM

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Part of my project for GFF involves moving around many of the Map Editor icons to make it simple and easy for everyone to navigate. This part is going very well, and the potential options to add are almost as vast as the documents themselves.

There are 2 barriers within Hackster itself that I would like to change, so there will be an even more pleasant ease to navigation.

#1: Whichever icon you are currently on in either Map Editor (Town, Forest, Shop Door, ect) is outlined by a red box. How do I change the color of the box outline to a different color. Blue would be better, but even that would be hard to sometimes see the outline. Im thinking a very bright fluorescent red or blue would be good. Along with brightening up that box, adding a thicker outline would help even more.

#2: These darn icons are very small, and expanding their size would make the navigation even more pleasant. The size is obviously fixed, because trying to stretch any of the windows doesnt work.

These questions fall into the realm of real programming, which I dont have. I thought I had the source code for Hackster, and I dont. Slick Productions is currently down or offline, so Im not able to access the source code.

How feasible is it to make these changes via hex editor?

Grimoire LD

Slickproductions are back up, but I am curious why you posted this in the Newcomer's Board considering you're definitely not a newcomer, being the foremost FFI Hacker of the current day and your post, as explicitly mentioned, probably should go in the programming section.