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[X/Y] March Pokemon Online Tournament...

Started by break, February 28, 2014, 05:33:35 PM

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Hello, it's that time again, I am making this post to inform everyone here that I am hosting another online pokemon x/y double tournament  ^_^"

Even though it was my first time hosting one, it had a huge turn out of talented trainers. 

Apparently, many of the entrants enjoyed how I ran the tournament and have asked me to host another one. 

This time I am offering lots of prizes for all of the entrants to enjoy !

Anyhow, it is an open/public tournament that will be starting friday (March 14th)

* so you all are welcome to sign up *

Oh, and I would really appreciate some feedback for future improvement !!

Pokemon Red 3DS-XL friend code : 1864-9639-1699 (Zeheart)