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Question about submissions

Started by NameFail, February 16, 2014, 09:40:29 AM

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So I noticed there are some PSP and DS translations that are missing, and I though of submitting them, but I thought of a bunch of questions while filing up the form.

Authors: Do I need permission from them in order to submit their work? What if they disappeared from the internet, and their late beta was leaked? Can it be submitted for archival purposes, or should it not be submitted out of respect for the author?

Description: Can it just be nothing but a copy and paste from the author's site?

Credits section (I assume this becomes available after a submission is accepted):
The Planetarian's psp version was translated by taking the fantranslation of the PC version, should the people responsible for that version be added to the credits? Should it be the entire group, or just the translator? It doesn't seem like they worked together, so should they even be credited at all?


If you don't mind... do you have any examples?
Answering your question, it seems archiving the translation for Archaic Sealed Heat is out of the question here. Same goes for a partial Mori Mori Slime 1 translation (because it includes AP).


Well, Archaic Sealed Heat was exactly what I was referring to in the last two questions about the author section. I still would like to know if it is preferred that the author of a translation submits it rather than someone else unrelated to it.

In case if you were asking for an example for the questions about the other sections,  there's already the planetarian example for my question about credits, and for descriptions, I was thinking of just copying something like this, taken directly from the guy's site.
QuotePlanetarian is a Japanese post-apocalyptic visual novel developed by Key in 2004 and is rated for all ages. Key defines Planetarian as a "kinetic novel", since its gameplay offers no choices or alternate endings. Instead, the player proceeds through the story solely by reading.

This patch converts the Japanese PSP version of the game to an English one. It works with all versions of the game. The translation was taken directly from the fan-translated PC version.

To install this patch unpack the archive to a directory, copy the iso of the game to the same directory, rename the iso to Planetarian.iso and then run the batch file.

Obviously you will need a PSP with custom firmware to play the game. Unfortunately it doesn't work well with the current emulators and although PPSSPP may seem fine at first, it will freeze on a video near the end...


Nobody asked my permission to post my patches, so I'd guess you don't have to ask them either ;*)


I assume you released your patches into the world though Zoinkity, the ASH translation was notably not released to the world and some of those responsible are still active (DarthNemesis was around and posting new tools just the other day). In all probability it will end up as one of those lost translations, which stings because the one that is floating around was from the last stage betas, except kind of not because the leak was spread quite a bit.