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Emulator hiccups (NDS)

Started by Pokeytax, February 08, 2014, 10:49:56 PM

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I'm testing a project which is running great (thank God) except for intermittently "hanging" in menus. The game freezes, but flipping over to the debugger in NO$GBA and back immediately resolves the problem with no ill effects. Does anyone have experience with this kind of issue? Could it be the VWF choking on too much text maybe?


It could be many things. Activating a debugger could mean a lot of things -- it could be that it initialises a variable, sets a value back to a proper one or forwards out of a wait; it could be a bug in the emulator is dodged by this; it could be that it emulates a debug NDS (more memory I believe though I doubt that is the case in this instance); and it could be some combo of the lot.
The DS emulators are great little things but they are still held together with a bit of spit and gaffer tape at various points. As you are asking this I assume this does not do it in the stock game, to that end yeah you get to look at your changes.

What does it run like on hardware? Also does it do the same in desmume? How about iDeaS?


I haven't tested it in anything else yet; it runs so well otherwise that I'm trying to run it through to credits first. I guess desumume makes sense since I don't have access to hardware. My guess is that I would have seen mention of this crash online, as it's intermittent but still likely to eventually come up.

I've been recklessly disregarding the original number of characters displayed onscreen since things are going well otherwise, so ordinarily some kind of overflow from that is a prime suspect. The thing that gives me pause is that it happens even on some screens with no additional text - but that could just be residual effects from a previous overflow.

I apologize for the lack of detail. I'm being coy about the project because it's a secret, but if I continue having trouble I'll have to cast a wider net. Thanks for the advice.