PSX Mortal Kombat Trilogy Sprites Compression ??

Started by Agahnim, February 05, 2014, 03:13:39 PM

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hey. i want to unpack the sprites of mkt psx but i dont know anything about assembly or reverse enginering. i know the differences between hexadecimal, decimal and binary. i know very well how to work a hex editor.

so please suggest me any tutorial or where to start


Look for "Graphics Hacking" on the Documents section. Playstation usually stores graphic data on .TIM files (uncompressed), but I don't know about sprites... I know that special effects are usually stored into .TIM as well, but I honestly can't remember anything about sprites.

By the way, Photoshop has a plugin to open up .TIM files.


You can find online the full source to Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for the PlayStation, so that means you can also grab from there the decompression algorithm if that was recycled later for Trilogy (most likely, the engine is a carbon copy of Ultimate).


@SCIO: ah yes! TIM files... i know.. but MKT doesn't have any tim file... i know that the sprites are in DAT files...

i also am able to alter the tiles from arenas... they are uncompressed... but i dont have the same luck with sprites...

@Gemini: yes! the 3do/psx source of umk3..
1) im not sure if it have the same compression method with trilogy ..
2) i don't have very good skills at c language.. it's hard for me to find where to look
3) i think the source isn't completed .. some files are missing

if we could insert custom characters into that game, that would be awesome... c'mon guys... help me!


u should add the bosses from mortal kombat subzero that would be a real trilogy game ed boon was going to add them but midway forced them to release trilogy and left the game like that they thought about adding them in the last minute its a shame it never happened


The sprites I added to The cutting Room Floor were obtained from mortal kombat secrets forum. Someone there might know how they were extracted.